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Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

About Us

The Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights supports survivors of human rights violations, defends fundamental freedoms and promotes democratic values in Iraq and Syria. We seek a democratic society that protects the dignity of the human being, where adults and children enjoy the rights to life and freedom, and citizens are free from torture and terror.

Our Values

Our work follows the core values set out in theĀ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe in human dignity and promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the declaration. We help survivors of human rights violations, regardless of their age, gender, ethnic or religious affiliation.

Our Story

In 2005, we opened the first treatment center for victims of torture in the city of Kirkuk, Iraq. Since then, we have established a network of twelve facilities in northern Iraq and northern Syria, supporting thousands of women, men and children every year.

Our Programs

The Jiyan Foundation provides survivors of violence and their families with physical rehabilitation, mental well-being and social reintegration programs. We are committed to ensuring that survivors can exercise to their basic human rights and are protected from further attacks. Through training and research, we are constantly improving the quality of our work. Our programs are: