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Thanks for using IQJ Scout, this service is provided to you for free and remotely.

This service is classified as public and free, we don`t charge the job seekers and the employers appearing on our website any fees, also we are not affiliated with any of the employers you see on our service, we can’t promise if you application will be accepted or rejected as we are not engaged in any hiring processes in real-time.

We as IQJ Scout team work 24/7 to maintain the service to help you find a job fits your skills and we will not request from your any fees at this moment nor at the near future to use our service or to be invited for an interview.

Some scammers may contact you pretending they are from IQJ Scout team asking you for payments, or personal information may lead to a payment.

The fraudsters may ask you for sensitive personal data and this includes but not limited to (Bank details, credit card details, emails, phone numbers, personal documents like passport or personal ID, physical address, or passwords to your data on the web.) IQJ scout team will never ask you to provide this type of details, we don`t contact people randomly, we only respond to requests submitted by the users through the form below to answer questions about (technical issues, help to use the website or general inquiries within our service scope of work).

Our team will not ask you at anytime for any personal information further the details you provided through the contact form.


If you faced a scamming case your feedback is always welcomed, your report will allow us to improve our system to protect you and other users in the future.