Job Overview


Controlling the daily cash/check management, supporting the project accounting staff, overseeing and preparing the projects books in accordance with the Accounting Manager’s instructions and Company protocols, standards and procedures in order to provide accurate, reliable and updated financial information


  • Controlling the daily cash and check management and ensuring that all receipts and documentation meet Company requirements (procedures, deadlines, information, signatures …). Tracking bills/vouchers, invoices and other running costs and analysing the related information (costs, service contracts …) in order to give reliable and updated information.
  • Controlling cash advances and cashbook movements for each petty cash box, recording all IN and Out transactions, ensuring that cashbox balances always reflect the actual amount of money kept in the cashboxes and investigating any discrepancy. Ensuring strict compliance with cash control procedures for each cashbox / currency (daily cash control, weekly cash inventory and reconciliations)
  • Performing currency exchange operations in accordance with the country’s exchange rate policy
  • Ensuring a monthly accounts report in accordance with Company procedures, checking individual entries and preparing the necessary administrative documents (originals) as a basis for justification and explanation of payments and receipts made.
  • Preparing the timely payment of taxes .
  • Being responsible for the processing of accounting software peripheral accounting (project and capital) including checking the quality of the accounting allocations and their conformity (correct encoding of salaries, following up and matching of internal transfers and advances in the company, checking invoices and their allocations, preparing payment order documents to be sent to CFO). Analysing the problems of the cash box discrepancies and giving technical help to find solutions.
  • Being responsible for filing accounting documents and their annexes, preparing documents for audits, organising the scanning of documents and archiving financial documents
  • Informing supervisors of any issues / problems that may arise in their job performance
  • preparing accounts and tax returns
  • administering payrolls and controlling income and expenditure
  • auditing financial information
  • compiling and presenting reports, budgets, business plans, commentaries and financial statements
  • analysing accounts and business plans
  • providing tax planning services with reference to current legislation
  • financial forecasting and risk analysis
  • dealing with insolvency cases
  • negotiating the terms of business deals and moves with clients and associated organisations
  • meeting and interviewing clients
  • managing colleagues, workloads and deadlines.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, business, or related field
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  3. 2-5  Years of experience in the same field

Key skills for accountants

Accountants go through a rigorous recruitment and qualification process, and this is reflected in their high professional status. Employers look for graduates with the following skills:

  • self-motivation
  • integrity
  • ability to reflect on one’s own work as well as the wider consequences of financial decisions
  • business acumen and interest
  • organisational skills and ability to manage deadlines
  • team working ability
  • communication and interpersonal skills
  • analytical ability
  • a methodical approach and problem-solving skills
  • high level of numeracy

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