VIYAN Organization

Admin Manager

Job Overview


  1. Lead MEAL Efforts:
  • Develop and implement comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plans for the program.
  • Integrate crosscutting issues, ensuring that program activities align with organizational goals and standards.
  • Design effective monitoring tools to track program progress and outcomes.
  1. Produce Donor-Compliant Reports:
  • Generate high-quality reports that comply with donor requirements and showcase the program’s impact and achievements.
  • Ensure timely submission of accurate and detailed reports to donors and other stakeholders.
  1. Human Resources Management:
  • Manage the program’s human resources, overseeing recruitment, onboarding, training, and personnel management processes.
  • Foster a positive and inclusive work environment to enhance team morale and productivity.
  1. Information Database Management:
  • Maintain a comprehensive information database at both program and national levels.
  • Ensure data accuracy and accessibility for informed decision-making by program leadership.
  1. Optimize Program Performance:
  • Collaborate with program teams to identify areas for performance improvement.
  • Implement strategies to optimize program efficiency and effectiveness.
  1. Team Leadership:
  • Provide effective leadership to the program team, promoting a collaborative and results-driven work culture.
  • Motivate and mentor team members to achieve program objectives.
  1. Stakeholder Communication:
  • Facilitate communication with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring transparency and alignment with program goals.
  • Represent the program in meetings and discussions related to MEAL and human resources.
  1. Compliance and Quality Assurance:
  • Ensure compliance with organizational policies, MEAL standards, and relevant regulations.
  • Implement quality assurance measures to uphold the program’s standards of excellence.

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