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Preliminary job information


Job Title Admin Officer
Country and Base of posting Iraq, Ramadi
Reports to Admin manager


General information


The organisation


Première Urgence Internationale is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and non-religious international aid organization. Our teams are committed to supporting civilian victims of marginalization and exclusion, or hit by natural disasters, wars and economic collapses, by answering their fundamental needs. Our aim is to provide emergency relief to uprooted people in order to help them recover their dignity and regain self-sufficiency. Première Urgence Internationale relies on 30 years of field experience in 50 countries in crisis, as well as on the complementarity of its medical and non-medical expertise, to adapt its programs to each context and to the real needs of the most vulnerable populations.


The association leads in average 180 projects by year in the following sectors of intervention: food security, health, nutrition, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures, water, sanitation, hygiene and economic recovery. Première Urgence Internationale is providing assistance to around 4 million people in 21 countries – in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and France.



Overall purpose

The Admin officer will support Ramadi base administration department under the direct supervision of the Admin manager.

He/she will ensure the smooth recruitment process in Ramadi base and actively participate in the implementation of HR processes and tools and support their development. He/she will animate the HR department in order to provide a proper support to other departments and improve the delay and quality of recruitment within the base.  He/she also ensures the implementation and respect of PUI policies and internal staff regulations.


He/she actively participates in the financial forecasts of the different departments. He/she actively supports planning the payments in respect of PUI processes and in coordination with the logistic department. He/she contributes to accounting processes to ensure their compliance with PUI standards.


Responsibilities and scope of duties

–              He/She guarantee the HR management of the staff, in compliance with national rules and the donor and Première Urgence International procedures, under the supervision of the Admin Manager.

–              He/She contributes to HR management of the base

–              He/She contributes to the respect and development of HR policy

–              He/She contributes to the respect and awareness of laws and regulations

–              He/She supervises the preparation of monthly payment of salaries with the support and review of the admin manager

–              He/She supervises the on-site activities related to human resource management and implements the relevant procedures.

–              He/She oversees administrative and financial questions at the site, and ensures compliance with relevant procedures.

–              He/She ensure the accounting operations and cash management of the mission and carries out budget follow up.

Specific goals and related activities

  1. Implementation of PUI policies and refreshment.

–              He/She supports the implementation and respect of internal policies. All employees must have full understanding of these policies and show commitment to respect their provisions throughout their employment duration. Policies and rules to be implemented and respected are :

–              Anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy;

–              Child protection Policy;

–              Sexual exploitation and abuse Policy;

–              PUI Charter.

–              PUI Internal Staff Regulations

–              Any internal memos communicated from the Admin Coordination or Head of Mission

–              He/She assists line managers to understand and implement policies and procedures


  1. Recruitment

–              He/She ensures that the full recruitment process is implemented and respected with the support of the Admin manager. This includes:

–              Reception and validation of Job description and recruitment requests

–              Advertisement of the announcement, using the adapted canal

–              CV collection and support the requester for selection

–              Advise the future line manager about the more relevant way to proceed test and interviews

–              Organization of technical test

–              Support the requester with test correction, creation and communication of scoring grid, ensure the confidentiality of applicant’s data, consolidate scoring grids

–              Organize interviews for selected candidates and support requester with interview forms

–              Contact and collection of reference checks

–              He/She guarantees the respect of neutrality, ethic and impartiality during the recruitment process


  1. Induction

–              He/She ensure preparation of local staff contracts and agreements (new recruitments, contract extensions or renewals) and ensure each staff is aware of contract terms and conditions.

–              He/She ensure the organization of induction briefings for all local staff in a delay of 2 weeks after arrival. All employees must receive the following briefings:

–              HR: Internal regulation and policies

–              Management briefing (for manager positions)

–              Security

–              Finance

–              Logistic

–              Programs (for each current projects of the base)


  1. Individual HR Follow-up

–              On a regular basis, he/she ensures the appropriate communication between local staff and HR department

–              He/She ensures an available consultancy time for all local staff

–              He/She ensures the management of interpersonal conflicts that arise on his/her site, and refers the matter to the Admin Manager, in the event that he/she is not able to resolve dispute.

–              He/She ensures a follow up of employee’s careers for the national staff, in collaboration with the line managers and the admin manager.


  1. Appraisals

–              He/She implements appraisal follow up and training for managers

–              He/She  ensure that all staff are regularly appraised by the relevant people

–              He/She supports line managers in performing qualitative appraisals and managing their outcome.


  1. Archives

–              He/She ensures that all supporting documents related to each local staff contract are archived: Première Urgence Internationale badge, ID and driving license copies, blood type justification, certificates

–              He/She ensure to soft archiving policy is respected

–              He/She  ensure that all the document are properly files according to the archive procedure (hard and soft copies)


  1. Trainings

–              He/She ensures that all managers are always aware of HR and Finance procedures

–              He/She manages and follows the organization of HR and Finance trainings for managers (regular refreshment and implementation of new processes)

–              With the support of the Admin Manager, He/She drafts and implements general training plan for all local staffs. All the staff must be trained on a regular basis on general topic. He/She defines the training topics in collaboration with other departments


  1. HR data base

–              On a daily basis, He/She ensure the quality and accuracy of the monthly HR data base

–              He/She ensure the leaves validation, registration and follow up for all local staff of Ramadi Base

–              In the respect of deadlines, He/She sends the monthly data base to the Admin Manager.


  1. Accounting

–              He/She contributes to ensuring the enforcement of cash payments rules to the Ramadi base

–              He/She supervises the physical check of the hard copy accounting and ensure that the procedure of hard copy accounting is respected on the base

–              He/She ensure the sending of all supporting documents linked to the monthly accounting closing to the coordination.

–              He/She contributes to the annual accounting closing with administrative team and under the supervision of the Admin Manager (accruals expenses, prepaid expenses, etc)

–              He/She ensures the preparation for and support audits or possible inspections.


  1. Financial Management and budgeting for the base

–              Under supervision the Admin Manager, He/She updates the Financial Follow Up document (FFU) on a monthly basis, and send it to the field for monthly review.

–              He/She provides guidance and analysis regarding eligible expenses and budget allocations

–              He/She manages the follow up cash forecast

–              He/She contribute to the cash transfers to the bases with the validation of Admin Manager. He/she will also be constantly alert for security issues in transferring and holding funds.

–              He/She ensures the security of the cash and confidentiality of information


  1. Reporting

–              On a regular basis, He/She sends the appropriate and requested reports to coordination, with Admin Manager validation

–              He/She ensures a proper communication between the HR and finance team of the base.


  1. Management

–              He/She ensure the training and capacity of the HR/Finance/Admin assistants and cooks of the base

The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are non-exhaustive and can evolve depending on the project’s needs


Required Profile


Required knowledge and skills


  Required desirable
Education / Training


–          University degree in administration/law/HR


–          Human resources or Finance certificate
Professional experience –          Minimum 1 year experience in administration –          Experience with NGOs


Knowledge and skills –       Writing skills

–       Analytical skills

–           Pedagogical skills

–           Ability to work with international people

–          Ability to work in unstable circumstances

–          English

–          Arabic










–          Pack Office

–          Excel






Required Personal Characteristics (fitting into team, suitability for the job and assignment/mission)
–                      Good relational capacities

–                      Responsiveness

–                      Well organized

–                      Team spirit

–                      Training skills

–                      Ability to take initiative to deal with difficulties encountered in daily work and suggest improvement

–                      Autonomy, neutrality

–                      Motivation to help people in need

–                      Conflict resolution and diplomacy experience

–                      Good communication and diplomacy skills to manage relationship in potentially tense situations


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