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Admin Responsible

Job Overview


Goal / Purpose:

The Administrative responsible supports the Country Representative in the processing of accounting & financial operations, Human Resources, and administrative management of the mission.

He/she offers administrative support to the manager and to the team on all matters relating to the Finance and Human Resources.


List of principal activities:

Analysis of the socio-economic context

  • Collect information to update the market price changes (food basket, per diem…)
  • Compile the information provided by the bases of market prices and draft a monthly analysis and report to the Country Representative.

HR management for national staff

  • Lead the induction planning of new personnel and ensure the administrative briefing of new personnel.
    • Inform new employees of internal regulations, contract…
    • Prepare administrative documents relating to employment contracts.
  • Draft employment contracts for employees and ensure that they are adhered to.
  • Check the dates of employment contracts and inform his/her line manager of their deadlines.
  • Keep the record of the staff’s daily attendance sheet and leaves/absences, collect payment details, and integrate them into the Human Resources Management software for the Coordination.
  • Ensure the monthly preparation of the salary & HR pack and share with Coordination HR and ensure the payment of salaries after validation by the Coordination HR.
  • Cross check the monthly salary pack of mission’s base and report to the Coordination HR for the discrepancies.
  • Calculate income taxes and duties and create pay records for the relevant organizations.
  • Keep an organization chart up to date for the Erbil and Mosul Bases
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all HR data.
  • Participate in the organization of training.
  • Participate in the revision of policies relating to salaries and benefits for Solidarités International
  • Participate in recruitment process with the line manager.

 Team management

  • Participate in training of the administrative teams.
  • Offer administrative/HR support to the bases in the administrator’s absence.
  • Insure a good working environment for the team.

Accounting management

  • Monitor due dates for payments of contracts managed by Erbil base.
  • Ensure payments through cash, check, or transfer after validation of the authorised staff as per the signatory table.
  • Verify, before recording, that records conform to regulations and procedures of Solidarités International
  • Prepare monthly closing, revision, and integrity of accounts for the Erbil Base
  • Import the accountancy in Saga.
  • List liquidity needs in consultation with the Country Representative and exchange currencies where needed.
  • Checking balances with Country Representative, weekly, and before any holiday to match the cashbox, safe and bank account.
  • Prepare monthly closing, revision, and integrity of accounts for the base, and other bases regarding MTAs.
  • Participate in audits or any checks issued by partners or head office.

Cash Flow 

  • Manage the SYRAQ Base cash flow and ensure that banks and cash boxes are well supplied.
  • Prepare SYRAQ CFF that is shared with Amman coordination
  • Manage transfers and monitor the security of funds.
  • Liaise with the bank to transfers funds to the bases.
  • Prepare the month end cash counts, bank reconciliations to be shared with Coordination.
  • Update the cash SOP twice a year or upon situation changes with the supervision of Country Representative
  • Follow up the bank signatories including the authorizations / cancellations with the supervision of Country Representative.

Budgetary monitoring

  • Update budget follow up in conjunction with logistics, program teams and Field Coordinator.
  • Monitor functioning costs at Erbil base.
  • Oversee adherence to donor administrative procedures.
  • Carry out physical checks of supporting documents received from the bases.
  • Prepare and update the budget parameters to be validated by HQ.
  • Compile Iraq AB for all bases (Erbil/ Moussol / Dohuk)
  • Review & compile Iraq accountancy


  • Supervise Admin Officer in archiving of financial and HR related documents.
  • Solicit the archives when needed (e.g. external audits)

 Reporting / communication:

  • Take part in internal meetings relating to administrative aspects or upon request and participate to training.
  • Report on a weekly basis to the Country Representative and when needed.
  • Ensure that declarations and payments of taxes and contributions are made to the relevant organizations.


    • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Finance, Human Resources, or a related field.
    • 2-4 years Proven experience in administrative roles, preferably in a similar position.
    • Familiarity with financial and accounting procedures.
    • Experience in Human Resources administration is required.
    • Knowledge of HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations.
    • Strong organizational and administrative skills and ability to work independently.
    • Proficient in office software (e.g., Microsoft Excel).
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Ability to communicate effectively with team members and external stakeholders.
    • Ability to identify and resolve administrative and operational challenges.

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