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Administrative Manager

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Job Overview


Duties and Responsibilities: 


1- Leadership and Strategy:

Providing strategic leadership for all administrative functions within the organization.

Collaborating with senior management and department heads to align services with the organization’s goals and objectives.

2- Administrative Process Management:

Developing and implementing standardized administrative processes, policies, and best practices to enhance efficiency, productivity, and compliance across the organization.

3- Team Management:

Coordinating with HR department to Recruiting, training, and managing administrative staff, including department managers or supervisors.

Delegating tasks and responsibilities, and providing guidance and support to ensure high performance.

4- Budget and Resource Management:

Developing and managing budgets for administrative expenses, optimizing resource

allocation and cost control.

Overseeing procurement, vendor management, and contract negotiations for

administrative services.

5- Compliance and Regulation:

Ensuring that all administrative activities, procedures, and processes comply with

relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

6- Communication and Coordination:

Serving as a central point of contact for all administrative matters within the


Fostering effective communication and collaboration between administrative teams and other departments.

7- Facility Management:

Overseeing the maintenance and management of office facilities and services, ensuring a safe, secure, and functional working environment.

8- Technology and Systems:

Evaluating and implementing administrative technologies and systems to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and improve service delivery.

9-  Vendor and Supplier Management:

Managing relationships with external vendors and suppliers for administrative services and supplies, negotiating contracts and ensuring high performance.

10- Risk Assessment and Mitigation:

Identifying potential risks related to administrative operations and developing

strategies to mitigate these risks.

11- Reporting and Documentation:

Supervising and maintaining comprehensive records, reports, and documentation

related to administrative activities and expenses.

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