Médecins du Monde

Administrator (HR, Finance, Log)

Job Overview

Main mission for the position

To ensure the administrative, logistic, account and financial management of a mission, while complying with the rules of the mission, the local context, local legislation, donors’ rules and the MdM policies and values. To lead a team and/or support partners. To provide technical support to operational staff on the HR, logistic and financial management of the site.

Main activities:


  • Preparation and submit the monthly/annual budget (forecasts and actual) alongside operational teams (MdM and/or partners)
  • Checking the mission’s accounting (check accuracy and consistency), close and submit the accounts
  • Management of the mission’s cash-flow (minimum levels of cash, update bank accounts and the mission accounts, internal transfers, regular checks on balances)
  • Preparation requests for cash supplies (annual and monthly)
  • Elaboration of amendments and financial reports, monitoring of donor contracts and their consumption, propose amendments if necessary
  • Alert operational staff and line managers to any discrepancies in consumption and financial risks



  • Implementation of the established HR contractual framework for national staff and explain it to on-site staff (internal regulations, conditions of recruitment, medical policy, abuse policy, HR management procedures)
  • Monthly preparation of salaries and social charges, perform payments
  • Provide recruitment support for operational teams and carry out the HR aspects of recruitment (job description, dissemination, reception, selection, etc.)
  • Roll-out and monitoring the evaluation schedule (induction briefings, end of trial period, annual interview, exit interview, ) of national on-site staff
  • Production of the training plan
  • Supervision of the administration management of staff: monitor and draft contracts, establish and archive staff records
  • Management of disciplinary procedures alongside managers and coordinators



  • Management of a team (information, setting objectives, monitoring activities, managing leave, recruitment, discipline, security, training, skills management)
  • Planning and monitoring activities and implementation corrective action where necessary, providing technical support to the
  • Advise, arbitration, and support the measures to be taken in the event of difficulties, malfunctions and/or incidents



  • Monitoring and drawing up contracts that are under his/her responsibility, proofread mission contracts and monitoring their execution



  • Receiving, processing, and implementing logistical requests (MR)
  • Implementing the procurement plan in accordance with established procedures
  • Receiving, checking, and controlling orders
  • Applying and checking the application of instructions, protocols, and procedures
  • Identifying suppliers and service providers, updating the database of suppliers and service providers, updating the database of suppliers and service providers
  • Organizing inventories and stocktaking
  • Organizing transport of goods and people
  • Managing premises, material, and equipment (identifying maintenance needs, monitoring use/consumption, etc.)
  • Providing technical support to other
  • Contributing to the maintenance of logistics dashboards


Main skills:


  • Master in Excel
  • Master in field accounting software (SAGA)
  • Analyze significant discrepancies between forecasts and actual records, interpret them, contextualize them, identify the causes and risks, warn
  • Adapt schedules according to priorities and unforeseen events
  • Work in a team
  • Understand and identify institutional donors’ cycles and procedures
  • Read, construct and analyze a budget and carry out budget monitoring Communicate (speaking and writing) in a foreign language
  • Understand, analyse and communicate the MdM HR policies and practices Conduct professional interviews (recruitment, guidance, )
  • Identify and look for pay errors and their causes, and resolve them
  • Understand and interpret the legal administrative framework for staff and the MdM rules Identify and analyse training and recruitment needs
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Take decisions and arbitrate
  • Draft action plans and follow-up indicators and results in a given area Organise activities and objectives, distribute workload
  • Communicate with the team
  • Assess and develop colleagues’ skills


Education / Previous professional experience required:


  • Three-years higher education course in management, finance, administration, or logistics
  • Minimum three years’ work experience in an international organization in a similar position
  • Arabic and English needed, French or Kurdish an asset

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