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Agriculture Engineer – plant protection Expert

Job Overview

Job Vacancy Announcement 📣
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Vacancy No: HG-BGD-041
Employment & workplace type: Contract – Full Time.
Reporting To: CEO
Duty Station: Iraq – Baghdad, Almansour.
Application Deadline: 15-6-2024

Duties and responsibilities:

1-Product Knowledge: Developing a deep understanding of the plant-based medicines, including their ingredients, benefits, & applications.

2-Customer Education: Educating customers about the benefits of plant-based medicines, providing information on their uses, dosage, and potential interactions with other medications.

3-Sales Strategy: Developing sales strategies to effectively market plant-based medicines to various customer, including healthcare professionals, retailers, and consumers.

4-Relationship Building: collaborating with CEO to Establishing and maintaining relationships with healthcare professionals, retailers, and distributors to expand the reach and distribution of plant-based medicines.

5-Marketing Support: Collaborating with marketing teams to develop promotional materials, advertising campaigns.

6-Compliance: Ensuring compliance with regulations governing the sale and marketing of plant-based medicines, including labeling requirements and advertising standards.

7-Market Analysis: Monitoring market trends, competitor activities, and consumer preferences to identify opportunities for growth and product development.

8-Customer Support: Providing excellent customer service, addressing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Required qualifications, skills & experience:

-Education: A bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Engineering, plant science, agronomy, horticulture, plant pathology, entomology, or a related is usually required.

-Knowledge: Strong understanding of plant medicine, entomology, and plant pathology is essential. Knowledge of integrated pest management (IPM) principles, pesticide safety, and regulatory compliance is also important.

– Experience: plus 5 years of previous experience as a agriculture engineer , horticulture, plant medicine (protection) is required.

– Certification: having certifications through programs such as the Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) or similar credentials is a plus.

– Computer Skills: Proficiency in using computer software for data analysis, report writing, and presentations is beneficial.

– Fieldwork: willingness to travel to different locations as needed.

Working Condition & Benefits:

– Working days & hours: 6 days/week & 8 hours/ day.
– ⁠Salary: Negotiable based on experience level.
– lunch: Available


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