Al- Sana Project Manager

Job Overview


This position is responsible for the overall execution, control and completion of rollout anddeployment projects exercising project management tools, documentation, progress check, reporting to ensure achieving the projects within budget and on-time in line withcompanystrategy and goals and achieving required SLAs. This position is assigned for engineers capable of handling small scale projects intermsofbudgets, scale of operations, resources requiring basic project management skills. Theadvancement to Engineer B will be determined based on the track records of the resourceprojectexecution and degree of leadership skills and readiness to handle large scaleprojectsautonomously. In order to progress to project manager B, the manager shall assist another higher level project manager by getting practical experience to be moved to another level

Job Duties:

  • Responsible for finalization of projects assigned according to deadlines and within budget and asper customer expectation achieving customer satisfaction and required SLAs and quality standards.
  • Oversee projects costs and make sure they are well managed, monitor cost sheets for each project.
  • Manage distribution of resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-part contractors or consultants in order to deliver projects according to plan.
  • Effectively communicate project scope and expectations to team members and stakeholders untimely and clear fashion.
  • Develop execution plans for the projects assigned identifying the resources, budgets, schedules…etc.
  • Track project deliverables using appropriate tools.
  • Provide direction and support to project team to achieve project KPIs and SLAs.
  • Ensure all quality assurance measures are in place to achieve deliverables as per quality standards.
  • Identify, manage and mitigate risks.  Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.
  • Present reports defining project progress, problems and solutions to the projects implementation manager.
  • Implement and manage project scope changes and interventions to achieve project outputs.
  • Manage Project evaluations and assessment of results.
  • Anticipate and catch deviations from a plan or schedule early and keep all stakeholders informed.
  • Identify where and when management of issues and risks or accommodating altered requirements will involve extra time or extra resources and where efficiencies can be made.
  • Communicate acceptance criteria with the project team and ensure teams work towards achieving stakeholder acceptance of deliverables.
  • Exercise good judgment in whether tasks should be broken down into smaller detail or not.
  • Generate many types of documents, including requirement specifications, contracts, schedules, personnel records, project reports, communication (email) records, design specifications, meeting agendas, minutes and status reports.
  • Consolidate all timesheet and resource attendance records, provide input and recommendations for any inefficiencies in the attendance or staff utilization for each project.
  • Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project.
  • Ensure that all financial records for the project are up to date.
  • Conduct Site visits in order to oversee the work flow.
  • Monitor the project implementation and escalate to management when necessary.
  • Solve Problems with customers and coordinate Establishment joint minutes with customer.
  • Coordinate with other department to facilitate site survey process.
  • Handle Contact with customer to get all information and access approvals.
  • Create Daily Reports to team leader and send reports to PMO Team.
  • Prepare the documents and approvals that required to implement projects.
  • Manage the petty cash and Borrowing money for the purpose of completing the work.
  • Request equipment’s from storage department and distribute the material to all projects assigned.
  • Manage Filling up a survey form by collecting information and sending it to sales department. Staff Management/Internal Processes.
  • Recommend to supervisor performance level, Hiring, Firing, and Transfer of staff for the team.
  • Implement and Manage employee shifting schedules, daily activities.
  • Record daily the attendance records and ensure company policy is implemented.
  • Implement Health and Safety Rules and ensure policy is implemented.
  • Prepare and submit the daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports as per section guidelines.
  • Coordinate daily schedule of employee assignments and ensure performance meets SLAs.
  • Resolve all employee personnel inquiries, conflicts and grievances.


  • BSc. in Civil, Computer, Mechanical, Electrical, Telecom Engineering or related.
  • (3+) Years in telecommunication/ISP or network operations industry project management or site deployment technical field.
  • PMP is preferable.