Alwatani Project Planner

Job Overview


This role responsibility is concerned with developing time plans on construction projects to ensuring that the project is completed safely, on time and within budget, participate in implementing the project’s goals, make scheduling adjustments and confer with managers to change budget and resource allocations.

  • Create, maintain, review and administer deployment schedules and plans.
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor activities of assigned projects to develop and implement procedures, processes and systems.
  • Oversee schedules and risk management plans and provide serious deviations warnings hindering project results.
  • Lead development of baseline schedule and support Project Manager (PM) in Integrated Baseline Review (IBR).
  • Gather actual data, update project schedule and develop reliable schedule forecast with support from project team.
  • Work with project management in the planning and tracking of time and costs for a project.
  • The ability to produce and track a budget and a understand financial statements create and communicate alignment sheets.
  • Track project costs during the project and identify future tracking to budget.
  • work with proposal writers to estimate the costs of new projects.
  • Work with proposal writers in the estimation of new project costs based on current task costs and projections of new task costs.
  • Work with clients and project management to establish project costs.
  • Develop detailed task lists and work effort assessment.
  • Identify changes in work scope in the project plan.
  • Ensure to take appropriate planning measures with all clients to reassess, renegotiate and amend scope of work responsibilities, proposals, contracts and budgets.
  • Evaluate and analyze with team risks and issues compromising project results and develop plans to mitigate them.
  • Monitor and analyze project effectiveness using qualitative and quantitative tools.
  • Liaise with external contractors and suppliers to organize the phases of the construction development
  • Present information for internal meetings on the project
  • Ensure to convey required project data and information to project teams.
  • Prepare and present regular internal and external project reports for management.
  • Liaising with managers and engineers to discuss the progress of the project and address any issues that arise
  • Keep the client team up to date on progress to present to the client
  • Recommend and implement modifications to improve effectiveness and attain project milestones.
  • Educate employees in methods to ensure project continuity and completeness.
  • Act (research/read/learn/explore/contribute) based on curiosity/responsibility.
  • Prepare short and long-term resource allocation plans based on input from all key players and team members.
  • Develop and define project goals and objectives.



BSc. In Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Telecom, Computer Engineering or related.

PMP is preferable

Years of Experience

minimum 5 Years’ experience in telecommunication/ISP or network operations industry

that includes 3 years planning and scheduling tasks related to operations of projects.