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Aquaculture specialist ( Carp fish expert )

Job Overview

An aquaculture specialist is responsible for various tasks related to the farming and management of aquatic organisms. Their job description may include
1- Species Selection: Selecting the appropriate aquatic species to raise based on market demand, environmental conditions, and other factors.
2- Feeding and Nutrition: Developing and implementing feeding programs to ensure the health and growth of the aquatic organisms, often involving the formulation of specialized diets.
3- Water Quality Management: Monitoring and controlling water quality parameters like temperature, pH, oxygen levels, and nutrient levels to maintain optimal conditions for the organisms.
4- Environmental Sustainability: Ensuring that aquaculture practices are environmentally sustainable, minimizing negative impacts on surrounding ecosystems.
5- Research and Innovation: Staying updated with the latest aquaculture research and technologies to improve production efficiency and sustainability.
6- Record Keeping: Maintaining detailed records of production data, including growth rates, feed consumption, and water quality, for analysis and decision-making.
7- Problem Solving: Identifying and addressing challenges that may arise, such as disease outbreaks, equipment failures, or environmental issues.
8- Safety: Ensuring the safety of workers and the proper use of equipment and chemicals in the aquaculture operation.
9- Facility Design and Management: Designing, planning, and managing aquaculture facilities, including infrastructure, water management systems, and equipment.
10- Education and Training: Providing training and guidance to aquaculture staff, farmers, and stakeholders, as well as disseminating knowledge through workshops and educational programs.

language: English, Arabic is required.

Education: PhD or Master’s degree in the related field.

Experience: minimum 10 years of experience in the related field of expertise.


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