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Design Skills

As important as safety and function are, there are also aesthetics is often a major consideration in architecture. You must be familiar with the history of architecture as an art and familiar with various artistic movements within the field. You must also be in touch with your own creativity. Fortunately, architectural training will help nurture and develop your artistic side, as well as your technical ability. The design should be something you enjoy if you are going to do it well.

Computer Literacy

. The actual drawing up of plans is done on computers these days, as are simulations, artistic renderings, and much of the rest of the visual output of this field. You will need to develop agility with various architectural drafting software.

Architectural Rendering


Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Processing

Model Making


Communication Skills

Of course, architects must work closely with clients, engineers, construction personnel, and sometimes other stakeholders in a project. To complete a design successfully and see a project to completion, an architect must understand what all these people are saying and communicate with them clearly in return. Every construction project requires a team.

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