Al Moudawi Pharmaceutical

Area Manager – Pharmacist New

Job Overview

Position: Area Manager

Reports to: Sales & Marketing Manager

Location: Iraq-Baghdad

Travel: Center and South Areas


About Al Moudawi

Almoudawi pharmaceutical was founded in 2013 with the synergy of two groups that have more than 50 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The expertise in the medical and OTC promotion along with the knowledge of the Iraqi market and its dynamics brought these two groups together to create a company that guarantees internationally recognized quality.

One of Almoudawi’s strong points is its collaboration with international partners and creating highly skilled human resources and excellence in the Regulatory & Distribution network covering all of Iraq. Almoudawi in such a short time frame created an efficient system for ensuring quality, from importing to storing and to distribution ensuring excellence in every step.

Job Summary

The Area manager is responsible for supervising and leading a group of team leaders in the process of meeting the sales target of a certain geographical region.

Essential Job Functions

§ Overall management of the teams in the area and building a clear strategy

§ Double visit / Coaching visit with the medical representatives and team leaders

§ Collect the data required from the market

§ Provide any training that team members need

§ Manage the flow of day-to-day operations

§ Daily, weekly, and quarterly reporting to the line manager

§ Work closely with the sales team and Sales follow up through close contact with drug stores & Pharmacies

§ arrange all the logistics concerning local / external events & RTDs

§ visit Kol(s) in their hospitals and make a strong relation to Dr(s)

§ Targeting and segmentation of the customers (doctors, pharmacies)


Job Qualifications

§ Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy.

§ Excellent Marketing & Sales Experience

§ Experience in Iraqi market analysis and needs.

§ Deep understanding of the competition and customers

§ Excellent leadership skills.

§ Excellent social and persuasion skills.

§ Excellent time and organizational management skills.

§ Excellent written and verbal Arabic and English communication skills.

§ +5 years of experience.


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