Chemonics International

National STTA Area Specialist

Job Overview


The Area Specialist will support ICRI Ta’afi programming, research, and context analysis in Mosul and the Ninewa Plain. The consultant will support the team to better understand the social, political, security, and economic dynamics that impact ICRI Ta’afi programming in Mosul and the Ninewa Plain, with a specific focus on West Mosul. The consultant will help the Ta’afi team understand the challenges and opportunities facing communities in Mosul and the Ninewa Plain and will analyze the factors influencing returns and connections to target communities. The consultant will assist the team in identifying new ideas and approaches, and possible challenges, with the existing and possible future activities.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Produce actor mapping reports outlining key social and political actors that ICRI TA’AFI can engage with across Mosul and the Ninewa Plains
  2. Produce neighborhood profiles outlining social and political dynamics, needs, and priorities in Mosul neighborhoods
  3. Produce political, economic, and social research analysis as requested by the supervisor
  4. Identify and track national and international NGO reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts in Mosul
  5. Preparing reports on a subject of a specific research product
  6. Support the program team to review and improve current programming by identifying new partners, proposing potential projects, and conducting a strategic analysis
  7. Participate in meetings and discussions with potential partners and provide written debriefs
  8. Produce a weekly written report on specific research product topic(s) as requested and approved by the supervisor (including format, length, and timelines)
  9. Other research-related tasks as assigned

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