Bakery Manager

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Bakery Manager


Job Summary

The Bakery manager supervises the baking staff and ensures that all bakery operations run smoothly. They take inventory of baking supplies, resolve customer complaints, and address poor staff performance.


Key Responsibilities

1) Ensuring that the bakery is adequately stocked with quality baking ingredients and supplies.

2) Ensuring that baking tools, utensils, and equipment are properly cleaned and sanitized.

3) Developing and implementing advertising and marketing strategies to attract new customers.

4) Creating suitable work schedules for staff members.

5) Appraising staff performance and carrying out the necessary disciplinary measures to address poor performance.

6) Training staff to produce high-quality bakery items while following proper food handling procedures.

7) Strategically arranging bakery items in display cases to encourage customer purchases.

8) Inspecting bakery items to ensure that established standards on quality, uniformity, and aesthetic appeal are met.

9) Continuously provide constructive feedback on new developments and product concepts seeking to improve the overall Bakery model to deliver consistency and efficiency.

10) Resolving customer complaints professionally.


Key Skills

1)self-driven person with a genuine love of food. Ideally, a knowledge of bakery and/or fresh food products and production processes would be desirable.

2)Methodical with an ability to coordinate training modules coupled with the people skills to both train and inspire.

3) The ability to work on his/her own and in a team environment as necessary.

4) Motivated by success and have a relentless commitment to see projects through to a conclusion.

5) An excellent time manager with the ability to multi-task and work with multi-functional departments.

6) Have excellent operational skills coupled with an awareness of commercial responsibility.



1)A Higher National Diploma or Degree in Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Business and Hospitality Management, or Hotel and Catering Management.

2)Food Hygiene Certificate

Years of experience

10+ in Culinary Management and Hospitality Management.

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