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Brand Manager

Job Expired

Job Overview

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Translate and align local market and consumer information relevant to the brand as incorporated in the approved Brand Strategy to ensure the correct brand positioning and Brand Essence elements are reflected in marketing activities.
  • Understand company strategy and how it applies to the brand.
  • Work with the sales team to support the execution of local plans.
  • Contribute to the preparation of the monthly updates by providing relevant cross-functional information and analysis on the brand, and collecting and analyzing the financial information relevant to the brand to be reviewed by the Commercial director.
  • Conduct competitor/marketplace analysis for the brand and propose options to be considered by the Commercial Director to determine the relevant pricing strategy in a given market.
  • Follow up and monitor the pricing activities within the marketplace relevant to the brand, and provide the Commercial Director with the opportunities and threats existing in the local market.
  • Prepare and develop an Integrated Trade Marketing Plan relevant to the brand in coordination and arrangement with the Marketing Department, and submit it to the Commercial Director and the CCO for approval.
  • Create a brief for the brand in order to be shared and circulated to internal/external parties; incoordination and arrangement with the Marketing Department.
  • Lead the implementation of the agreed communication plan for the brand, including creative productions, cross-functional coordination with manufacturing Company, PR & Communications Manager, Customer Service, Logistics, Sales and Finance, within a framework provided by the Commercial Director.
  • Participate in the media planning process for the brand through engagement in the Integrated Trade Marketing process, in coordination and arrangement with the PR & Communications Manager.
  • Lead the development of the Trade Promotional Plans that are reviewed by the Commercial Director following specific input from the management on the brand.
  • Implement growth initiatives in the local market for the brand, including trade materials, sales communication, launch plan, communication and support, POS execution, etc.
  • Monitor volume achievement and inventory levels of the brand and liaise with the Sales team weekly to discuss changes in volume in order to propose adjustments to the Sales Manager.
  • Manage budget to deliver marketing activities within the agreed budget and the budgeted margin.
  • Develop an annual and quarterly trade marketing plan in conjunction with the Sales Department.
  • Estimate and establish cost parameters, budgets, campaigns and potentials ROI.
  • Communicate with partners, distribution agents and vendors.
  • Handle the selection of products in terms of quantity, stock level follow up and allocation
  • Analyze and keep track of product pricing in comparison with competitors.
  • Identify, develop and execute promotions, BTL campaigns, offers and trade incentive programs.
  • Determine and place the customer segment ratio, stock list and customer retreat program.
  • Perform any other duties related to the job as assigned by the Direct Supervisor.

More Information

  • This job has expired!