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Capacity Building training for Juveniles – Ninawa and Baghdad

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Job Overview

1. Terre des hommes Iraq – Access to Justice Program

Tdh is a leading Swiss child rights agency present in the MENA region since 1973. Currently,
Tdh operates in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan belong
programmatically and operationally to the MENA portfolio at Tdh as well. Within the region,
Tdh has in place 3 specialized programs: (1) Access to Justice for Children and Youth, within
which a ‘Gender Justice’ specialized programmatic thematic is carried out, (2) Children and
Youth Affected by Migration, and (3) Child and Maternal Health. Those programs, in addition
to the specialized technical staff within each of them, are supported by a Child Protection
Transversal Unit as well as a Quality and Accountability Unit.
Since January 2019, Tdh has been a pioneering actor in justice for children programming in Iraq.
Within the current Access to Justice program, Tdh aims at promoting justice practices which
incorporates a restorative component as to provide appropriate solutions to (re)establish the
concept of positive and child-friendly justice among offenders, victims, witnesses and their
communities, but also towards the stakeholders in country, from authorities to national civil society
involved in child justice matters. The complementary objectives are to ensure (1) the application
of strong legal principles such as specialized justice systems for children, diversion and
alternatives to detention, (2) the best interest of the child at all stages of the judicial procedures
including post-release/aftercare, (3) psychological, sociological and criminological theories that
take into account the comprehensive development of children and youth, (4) the setting up of safe
and effective reintegration pathways from the first contact with the justice systems till long after
their release in order to ensure the continuum of care, sustainability and minimize the risks related
to re-offending/recidivism.
Tdh activities mainly focus on: providing specialized support to foster safe and sustainable
reintegration processes for children in contact with the law and their families, reinforcing the child
justice system through promoting their access to child-friendly legal aid, fostering synergies
between formal and informal justice actors, reinforcing child protection community-based
mechanisms, and providing specialized capacity building to juvenile judges pertaining to different
stages/practices of child justice proceedings.


2. Rationale of the training

The rationale for the training lays in the need to provide juveniles with training to foster their
capacities in managing their own business after they are released from detention in Rashad
reformatory school and Mosul Reformatory School. Since Tdh provide the released juveniles with
reintegration kits which consist basically of materials and items allows them to start their own
craft-based business, the juveniles were in dire need for strengthening their capacities in market
their services and products, to learn about financial management for their business and to learn
about methods to increase their profitability.


3. Objective of the training

The main objective of this training opportunity is to enhance the capacity of juveniles on managing small business. This will be achieved through the following specific objectives:
To develop and deliver training modules that focus on:
• Small business management strategies
• essential management skills
• financial needs and access to resources
• marketing strategies
• maintaining relationships with customers


4. Scope of the training and deliverables

The scope of work and expected deliverables are the following:
1. Develop the training course through consultation with Tdh’s social workers and share it with Tdh for validation.
2. Prepare pre- and post-test and training evaluation template.
3. Deliver the training inside or outside the reformatory schools (Rashad reformatory school in Baghdad to be delivered by 10/12/2023 and Mosul reformatory school in Ninawa to be delivered by 20/12/2023).


5. Methodology

The training will employ the following methodologies:
Training needs assessment: Conduct an initial needs assessment through discussion with Tdh’s social workers to identify the specific requirements and gaps in the knowledge and skills of juveniles.
Curriculum Development: Develop customized training based on the identified needs.
Training Delivery: Facilitate interactive and participatory training, combining theoretical knowledge with practical exercises.
Pre- and Post-Assessment: Conduct pre- and post-training assessments to measure the impact of the training on participants’ knowledge and skills.
Tdh will facilitate the access of the trainer to the reformatory school.


6. Timeframe

The trainer is expected to use their own computer and other equipment required for the task.
The duration of the conducting the training need assessment, design the training and delivering it will be specified by the trainer, but it should not be less than 5 days and not exceeding 10 days.

7. Profile of the trainer: qualifications and experience.

Profile of the trainer:
The trainer should possess the following qualifications, skills, and experience:
Educational Background: The trainer should hold a relevant degree in business management, or a related field. A combination of academic qualifications and practical experience is highly desirable.
Experience: The trainer should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in designing and delivering training programs related to business management.
Training and Facilitation Skills: Strong facilitation and training skills are necessary to effectively convey complex concepts to diverse groups of participants. The trainer should have a proven track record of delivering engaging and interactive training sessions.
References: The trainer should provide references from previous clients or organizations for whom similar trainings have been conducted.


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