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Case Management Supervisor

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Job Overview

The Case Management (CM) Supervisor manages and supervises the projects being implemented in his/her capacity as Tdh representative. S/he is responsible for the implementation of the strategy and the development and managerial coordination of the case workers. S/he supports and validates the quality of the work done by the team in regards to the Tdh mandate and commitments and international standards.

Main responsibilities


1. Programme planning and implementation:

    • Leads on developing detailed activity planning, in collaboration with the Child Protection and Education Project Manager and according to programme priorities, budget concerns, staff capacity and needs.
    • Ensures protection needs are identified, recorded, analyzed and responded adequately, as well as actions are taken to mitigate Child Protection (CP) related risks. Weekly review of open / cases for regular supervision of case management and ensures a proper follow-up of cases is done.
    • Supervises the teams’ members by assigning them tasks according to the priority and by supporting them in rolling out activities, in order to reach effectively project’s objectives.
    • Contributes to the identification of cases of neglect, abuse, exploitation and coercion against children. Reports timely about identified cases to a case worker. Receives cases from the community and refers them to a case worker.
    • Ensures the project is reaching its objectives timely and according to standards. Communicates with the line manager constraints and issues affecting project’s capacity to achieve results. Proposes proactively solutions.
    • Ensures implementation of the internal and National SOPs, guidelines, referral and coordination mechanisms, Child Protection Minimum Standards, Tdh’s code of conduct, and Humanitarian and CP Principles for assistance to children.
    • Takes into account gender, protection, age and environmental cross cutting issues in programme design, implementation, and reporting; ensures carriyng out activities in a way that reflects the needs of specific groups and individuals e.g. Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASCs), Children Associated with Armed Groups and Armed Forces (CAAFAGs), Children with Disabilities.


2. Information management and monitoring:

    • Ensures and monitors the correct documentation of cases through review of files and databases. Ensures confidentiality of information, and that data protection and information-sharing protocols are respected.
    • Contributes to the maintenance of an up-to-date service mapping of the service providers operating in the area and ensures that case workers are informed about the available services.
    • Conducts weekly case management meeting with CM team to ensure the dissemination of important information from the field and other sectors in the area. Ensures the dissemination of information from senior management to CM team.
    • Supports individual cases where required and provides regular monitoring of all aspects of CM services.
    • Facilitates and attends case conferences for complex cases. Ensures case conferences are called involving relevant stakeholders.
    • Ensures and monitors the correct documentation of cases through review of files and databases. Compiles the data and makes note of trends observed.
    • Reviews staff caseloads to ensure they are manageable and share challenges with the line manager.
    • Updates regularly other Tdh departments and programs on CM activities to broaden the impact and enhance collaboration within the teams and promotes child mainstreaming.
    • Leads and gathers data during needs assessment, baseline studies, and periodic studies, and helps providing? feed back findings to stakeholders.


3. Supervision of children and their safety:

    • Supervises and monitors the CM process and ensures that cases under assistance receive all the care and support needed. Promotes child mainstreaming.
    • Ensures that all child safeguarding issues and protection needs are raised timely and safely through appropriate communication channels. Ensures that children and families are aware of child safeguarding issues and know how to raise concerns. Ensures confidentiality and dignity when dealing the cases.
    • Ensures that all activities are safe and appropriate to the security context, to the capacities of all groups involved, culturally accepted and non-harmful. Communicates timely about possible concerns.
    • Provides briefings on child safeguarding and appropriate behavior with children to all CM staff. Ensures any concerns are reported and addressed immediately.


4. Reporting:

    • Ensures adequate data collection and data storage of all activities and prepares timely weekly/monthly/quarterly activity reports. Supports the line manager in submitting internal and donor reports as per schedule.
    • Reviews and updates the action plan and the budget with the line manager, in order to direct future activities and spending or change of expenses forecasted.
    • Identifies any major discrepancy/delay that may arise in project implementation and reports immediately to the line manager.
    • Keeps proper records of expenditures and reports on these to the line manager.


5. Personal and Team management:

    • Supervises case workers and supports them throught the provision of technical guidance.
    • Promotes a stimulating working environment, participation of staff, community and children in project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of CM activities.
    • Identifies the problems associated with the delivery of the programme and informs CP and Education Project Manager, HR, logistics, beneficiaries. Contributes proactively and participatory to suggest solutions.
    • Maintains positive work relationship and effective communication flow of information within the team, and promotes team-building efforts in coordination with the line manager.
    • Takes initiative participates in activities/trainings/seminars etc proposed by Tdhfor his/her own continuing training to develop his/her skills.


6. Networking / external coordination:

    • Develops and maintains liaison with the local government officials, other I/NGO’s and community based organization’s (CBO) at the community level to ensure their cooperation and coordination for effective implementation of the programme in the areas and effective use of resources.
    • Attends and takes proactive part in key meetings including clusters, governmental coordination meetings, Tdh internal meetings, bilateral meetings in order to ensure coordination and information sharing.
    • Represents Tdh on local exercises in his/her geographic area of responsibility. Makes sure that a positive and professional image of Tdh is conveyed. In particular, ensures that Tdh’s mandate, thematic policies, ethics, values and views are followed in relation to third parties.
    • Participates in identifying new partnerships and collaboration to broaden the impact of Tdh’s CP activities and promotes child protection mainstreaming.


7. Child Safeguarding Policy:

    • Raises awareness within the Foundation on violence against children.
    • Provides guidance to employees and others and defining expectations when it comes to preventing, raising, denouncing and responding to issues of child abuse.
    • Reduces the risk of child abuse by selectively recruiting employees and others.
    • Reduces the risk of child abuse by developing a culture of open and informed leadership within the organization and in our work with children.


Competencies: This function requires the mastery of Personal, Social and Leadership Competencies (PSLC), Technical and Methodological Competencies (TMC) and Management and Strategic Competencies (MSC)

  • In particular: Strong interpersonal, communication and organisational skills;
  • Ability to communicate effectively with children and adults, local authorities and other partners, and express oneself in a clear and concise way;
  • Quality Team Management and Team Leader Skills;
  • Proficient capacity building skills.
  • Excellent team building skills and ability to work in a multicultural environment and under pressure;
  • Active team player contributing in overall team performance;
  • The ability to travel to/from Shergat and Tikrit is a MUST;
  • Good knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word and MS.


As well as the following specific « professional » competencies:‎

• University Degree in psychology, social sciences, or other relevant fields.‎
• Minimum of 2 years of experience in Case Management working with state or local ‎authorirites, NGO or INGO.‎
• Proven experience in Child Protection.‎
• Good command of Arabic and English is essential. Knowledge of another regional language ‎‎(Kurdish) is desirable.‎
• Able to work in unstable, uncertain or potentially dangerous environments, independently ‎and in a team.‎
• Strong cross-cultural communication and resilience skills are very important.‎
• Able to establish and maintain effective working relations with people of different cultural ‎backgrounds.‎

More Information

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