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Cash Counter Salesman Nightshift- SAS Basra

Job Expired

Job Overview

Overall Objective of the Job:

The Cash Counter salesman is responsible for receiving spare parts requests from customers and/or maintenance department, completing the sales process, preparing lists of all required parts from the warehouse, and following up the delivery of parts to customer and the collection of expenses until the deal is closed.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Receives customers’ requests for spare parts directly from the counter or by (Emails, Fax, Telephone calls), and prepares lists of all required parts from the warehouse.
  • Meets with customers, informs them about any available offers or discounts, and defines their needs / interests.
  • Informs customers about their financial options and terms and conditions associated with parts purchase process
  • Prepares all offers for customers upon request from his/her direct supervisor.
  • Collects all customers’ requests from customers and verifies parts stock level in warehouses and takes all necessary actions to complete parts orders release from stores.
  • Defines requested parts P/N (Part Numbers) and print them using the applicable forms.
  • Seeks approval from the direct supervisor for all parts requisitions and inform warehouse personnel to prepare the parts orders for sale according to terms and conditions.
  • Provides the direct supervisor with all urgent unavailable spare parts requested by customers.
  • Issues all cash receivables bills and all returns made by major customers and pays particular attention to prices and discounts given to major customers.
  • Prepares weekly and monthly lists of all orders.
  • Contacts customers to agree on delivery date, prepares the bills and all relevant papers required for parts purchasing process.
  • Registers all sales and deals in the relevant document.
  • Contacts customers to resolve issues regarding the delivery process or parts conditions and keeps the direct supervisor informed.
  • Stays updated with all parts prices, offers, discounts and sales methods in the company.
  • Follows up all issues related to sales deals.
  • Stays updated with the taxes and fees associated with the parts sales processes.
  • Closes all parts deals and the collection of expenses according to policies and procedures in SAS.
  • Prepares all reports related to sales achievement / number of deals and raises them to the direct supervisor.
  • Performs any related task as requested by the direct supervisor.

More Information

  • This job has expired!