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Job Overview

Brief job description:

The automotive cashier job description entails taking payments from customers and more. In many dealerships and service shops, automotive cashiers perform the functions of receptionists. They also furnish information about the dealership and its services and vehicles. The job duties of an automotive cashier require clear and courteous communication, and accuracy in relaying information about prices, vehicles, and services. As well as the ability to use computers.

Main roles and responsibilities:

• Accept payments by cash from customers for repairs, parts, and other services.
• Refund customer payments for unused parts or other reasons in accordance with supervisor direction or company policy.
• Record receipts, delivery of change and other transactions throughout the day.
• Reconcile payments received with invoiced amounts and prices of parts.
• Schedule and service appointments.
• Explain service technicians’ recommendations, repairs and other actions to customers.
• Direct customer calls to the desired or appropriate department.
• Answer customer questions about vehicle problems, the status of repairs, and hours of operation.
• Acts as a receptionist for the dealership or service station

Job Essential Skills

Computer Skills. Automotive cashiers need skills in operating computers and computer applications that schedule service appointments. As well as prepare and print invoices and receive payments. With command of email or social media, cashiers may assist in reminders to customers for maintenance, service or promotions by the dealership or service station.

Math Skills. Automotive cashiers must add or use machines to total charges, multiply to calculate any discounts and subtract to return change to customers. Counting bills or coins

Customer Service Skills. The automotive cashier job description involves the ability to deliver quality service to customers. Cashiers need to accurately, promptly and courteously inform customers about prices, the parts and services and expected completion times. Customer service also entails good listening skills in order to understand customers’ needs and problems and to relay information from service technicians.

Qualifications & Training
Generally should have a high school diploma or an equivalent work experience.

Languages: Kurdish, Arabic, English is a plus


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