Worldwide Recruitment Solutions-WRS


Job Overview

WRS Kurdistan are looking for Local / Expat (living in Kurdistan) candidates to work as Chef for an International Oil and Gas company in Kurdistan.


Contract Type:            Permanent

Working Schedule:    Equal Rotation

Location:                      Duhok


Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Ensure all local staff engaged in running the Camp, kitchens, Mess-Hall, at all sites safely and professionally, highlighting personal hygiene, equipment cleanliness, and correct stowage of utensils.
  • Raising awareness that all kitchen and associated equipment must be in safe working order and maintained in a hygienic and fault-free condition.
  • Ensure that kitchen staff are trained and supervised in the correct use of the equipment and in a manner which promotes safety and cleanliness.
  • Actively coach safe practices, with training programs to highlight (eg.) slips, trips, and falls; knife safety; use of machine guards, mail gloves etc.
  • Train staff in health and safety outwit the kitchen and ensure appropriate dress is maintained at all times – in all Kitchen areas, food storage areas, and during handling of provisions and supplies.
  • Attend and as required organize regular Safety Meetings with HSE, Camp Bosses, and Field Services Manager. Encourage catering staff involvement.
  • Foster relationships by involving HSE Supervisors, Camp Medics, and so on in weekly HSE kitchen and Camp inspections.
  • Train staff in food storage hygiene and coach staff in temperature controls and recording, monitoring/logging equipment and control requirements across all types of storage.
  • Maintain and control inventory of Fresh and Dry Food and Cleaning Materials ensure sufficient Food and cleaning materials is available at all times.
  • Ensure that a food sampling programme is put into place, working with Camp Boss and Medic.
  • Form an action team to arrange Menus with feedback from diners, creating new or enhancing traditional/favorites to ensure constant variety and quality of the servings, obviously ensuring Kurdish cuisine is promoted but balanced with the input of other core nationalities.
  • Develop and enhance the range of products from the bakery with local baker.
  • Train staff by working with the Camp Boss to ensure that the Mess Halls are made constantly more attractive, kept clean and with hygiene developed to a very high standard.
  • Train Staff in front-of-house skills and their appearance.
  • Instruct the Camp Bosses in management of food stocks, stock-rotation, recording and accounting, and where applicable, cost-recovery from contractors.
  • Based on camp occupancy numbers and expected meals/day, liaise with Camp Boss on ordering and dealing with local suppliers, ensuring that company receive the best possible value for money whilst minimizing waste.
  • Build up a picture of local suppliers and recommend methods of securing quality supplies at contract prices to preserve lines of supply, freshness, and minimizing stock-on-shelves.
  • Working with Field Services Manager and HSE Dept., develop and promote segregation of waste food for incineration, metals, plastics, and other recyclables for washing and disposal.
  • Manage Budgeting and cost control of the Purchase of all Food Stuff, and Cleaning Materials.
  • Issue Regular SRF’s for the Purchase of Food Stuff and Cleaning Materials.
  • Once a Quarter provide written appraisal of each of the Camp Catering Team to the Erbil Management Team, identify any issues and or problems with local staff.
  • Along with the company Field Services Manager develop training on site training projects for all Camp Catering Staff.



  • must have suitable skills and experience with a minimum ten (10) years working for an International Oil & Gas Company as a Remote Camp Chef and must have a minimum three years’ experience of hands-on training local national staff. Must be capable of providing International and local Kurdish dishes and menus.
  • must be able to demonstrate European or US qualifications or equivalent as recognized in the industry, such as City & Guilds or formal competency qualifications from regular Military service or gained in the Healthcare/Education sector.
  • Must be fit and healthy, as required by catering industry standards.
  • Must prioritize staff QHSE motivation and training, mentoring and development; additionally, the post-holder must be able to demonstrate teachable first-class kitchen and Camp management skills including budgeting, cost and inventory management, and efficient use of produce and supplies.
  • Must include outstanding leadership and coaching skills.
  • Must be fluent in English and Kurdish languages, both written and spoken.
  • Good level of computer literacy – especially with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Must have a high awareness of the challenges of supporting multi-cultural workforces and be respectful of diverse cultures and nationalities. Honest, sensible and trustworthy. Gain and maintain an awareness of local cultural, political and tribal factors.
  • Must be self-motivated with the ability to motivate and encourage his staff and trainees.