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Civil Engineer

Job Overview

Under the direct supervision of the Support Services Officer, the Civil Engineer will act as UNOPS independent supervisor and will be responsible for the overall Supervision of the “Rehabilitation of the Training facility at Salman Pak,  in Iraq”. for 3 months, renewable depending on satisfactory performance and availability of funds. The responsibilities will include, but not limited to the following:



1.       Provide all the required architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical for the location (Salman Pak)

2.       Produce and/or review complete set of drawings and bill of quantities (BOQ) for the design work ready for the tender process related to the construction/rehabilitation work in Salman Pak.

3.       Provide contractual work estimates based on local market surveys.

4.       Provide a time schedule for the all work required taking into account consideration of all design elements, site constraint and working conditions.

5.       Provide support prior to and at the tender stage of contracts and selection of contractors.

6.       Provide supervision on all contractors in all aspects of the fulfilment of their obligations, responsibilities and undertakings made with respect to the carrying out and completing of the works.

7.       Supervision of the works and approving of the materials and the workmanship of all the works shall be done in co-operation and consultation with the UNMAS Support Services Officer.

8.       Verifies that the contractors carry out their obligations with all due diligence, efficiency and economy, in accordance with generally accepted professional techniques and practices, and shall observe sound management practices, and employ appropriate advanced technology and safe and effective equipment, machinery, materials and methods.

9.       Exercise all reasonable care to protect the interests of UNOPS and UNMAS to ensure the timely supervision and control of all tasks and to avoid the occurrences of disorders of construction during the work.

10.    Guarantee a timely implementation of the work and efficient use of financial resources.

11.    Responsible for approving the detailed designs of structures provided by the contractor, based on the proposed designs and required standards.

12.    Re-measuring and recording the completed works and agreeing the re-measurement with the Contractor/s.

13.    Ensuring that the Contractor fulfils his obligations to provide reliable reports on the progress of the works, highlighting any prospective causes of delay or disruption to the orderly progress of the works.

14.    Hold regular weekly progress meetings, at which the contractor shall present his weekly Progress Report. All aspects of the Progress Report shall be discussed at the weekly meeting with the Support Services Officer and Head of Support Services Officer

15.    Coordinate the followings:

·       Authorizing the contractor’s subletting parts of the work in consultation with Support Services Officer

·       Reviewing the contractor’s programme and updates thereof;

·       Review requests for contract changes as proposed by the contractor and as requested by UNOPS

·       Check the contractor’s work, notifying the contractor of any defects found and requesting additional testing as considered necessary, advise and notify UNOPS Programme Manager of corrective measures;

·       Assessing quotations provided by the contractor for carrying out variations;

·       Checking the contractor’s statements, verify the measured quantities of the executed work and certifying the amounts due to be paid to the contractor;

·       Determine the justification for Emergency Work and the issuance of Work Orders in respect thereof obtaining UNOPS written approval;

·       Certifying the completion of the works and issuance of Taking Over certificates;

·       Advise UNOPS on all matters concerning claims from the contractor and make recommendations thereof;

16.    Inspect the performance of the works concerning workmanship and compliance with the specifications and to order, supervise, or perform tests on the materials and/or work.

17.    Check systematically work progress and collect all data necessary to assess the impact of the works.

18.    Check the contractor’s accounts, invoices, claims and other statements concerning arithmetical error and compliance with the contract, and if required to correct thereof.

19.    Review the workplan submitted by the Contractor for the execution of the works to establish whether the methods, arrangements, order and timing of the activities are realistic and coherent in relation to the conditions pertaining on the Site.

20.    Conduct on-site observations of the work in progress to determine if the work is proceeding in accordance with the construction contract schedule, and that completed work conforms to the construction contract drawings and specifications.

21.    Inform the contractors when work is to be corrected or rejected or to be uncovered for observation, or special testing, inspection or approval.

22.    Verify that selection and use of materials is in accordance with the specifications.

23.    Establish procedures, criteria, and oversee testing carried out by the contractor/s to verify the quality and workmanship of the works.

24.    Consider and evaluate contractor/s suggestions for modifications in drawings or specifications and report them to the UNOPS with recommendations.

25.    Examine contractor’s proposals for changes and provide recommendations to UNOPS for approval when changes affect cost.

26.    Submit Weekly, Monthly progress reports and Final reports to the UNOPS Support Services Officer

27.    Submit Accident/Claims Report as necessary to UNOPS Support Services Officer.

28.    Inspect the works in the company of the representatives of UNOPS, the contractor/s and Sub contractors if any, prior to the handing over of any section of works.

29.    Prepare a final snag list of items to be completed, or replaced together with a time schedule for the remedying of the same.

30.    Verify that all items on the final snag list have been completed or corrected.

Prior to the commencement of the Defects Liability Period for any section, provide written confirmation that the works have been completed in accordance with the requirements of the contract, plans and specifications, and issue a Certificate of Completion of the Works for that section in coordination with UNOPS.

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