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Coach for Business Management_Baiji

Job Overview

Terms of Reference

Position: Coach for Business Management

Supervisor: Business Expert

Targeted areas: Baiji District, Salahaldin Governorate

Number of positions: 2

Gender: N/A

Duration, place of work and working hours:

The contract duration is for a period of 1.5-month equivalent of full-time work 40 hours per week, with specific arrangements agreed with supervising manager. The position is based in Baiji areas.



910,000 IQD per month of work



People in Need (PIN) is an international, non-profit organization providing humanitarian and development assistance in over 20 countries worldwide. Formed in 1992 in the Czech Republic, PIN has grown to be the biggest organisation of its kind in post-communist Europe, providing relief where it is needed, and empowering civil society at home and abroad.

PIN maintains a strong presence in Iraq and has gradually extended its activities across the Governorates of Ninawa, Salah Al-din, Kirkuk and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Typical recipients of our aid are internally displaced persons, returnees, and people who survived the fighting near their homes and meet the pre-defined vulnerability criteria.

Apart from humanitarian aid, PIN is currently working on long-term programmes supporting restoring livelihoods, education, access to water and hygiene. These programmes should facilitate people´s return to their original homes and support the stabilisation process after the defeat and removal of ISIS.


Program Overview:

PIN is implementing a UNDP-funded project working on strengthening Small and Medium Enterprises

(SMEs) in Baiji District, Salah Al-Din Governorate. As part of the initial stages of the project, 120 SMEs beneficiaries will be selected for a business management and marketing training, while 100 beneficiaries will be selected to receive cash grants and coaching.


This position is required for the project component of Coaching, in which the recruited coach will support all the cash-awarded beneficiaries.


Purpose of the coaching:

  • The coaching is targeted at pre-selected 100 beneficiaries, who had previously developed business plan and received cash grants supporting them in business management and marketing. All participants have existing small running businesses or start-ups including youth and women, affected by conflicts or in need of support to survive/expand
  • The Coaching will cover following topics: Business planning, financial management, Marketing and Sales, Operations, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Time management and goal setting, Networking and Building Relationships
  • Due to past conflicts and multi-dimensional crises, the economic growth in area is restricted, leading to high unemployment among the local population. This coaching is designed to strengthen their knowledge of business management, while also including structured knowledge building to improve resilience of livelihood assets.



Tasks of the coach:

  • Across one month, to deliver coaching for each of 100 beneficiaries at least 4 times of 2 hours during the specified period, adding up to 8 coaching hours/sessions
  • Based on their experience and objectives of the coaching, design (or adapt existing) materials for the duration of the mentoring.
  • Deliver business risk mitigation support and advice during mentoring, to reduce any regress in business growth or sustainability
  • Regularly update the project team on the implementation of the Coaching, including recommendations and suggestions for adjustment.
  • Consult with the PIN team on needs related to field visits and practical demonstrations (e.g., to consider security implications, and to leverage partnerships existing under the ongoing project).
  • Prepare a report on conducted activities with recommendations for PIN and UNDP regarding the future implementation of similar activities.
  • Other tasks that might be requested by the line manager


Available assets

The coach will be able to rely on:

  • Training classrooms facilitated by PIN and other partners.
  • IT equipment for their own use and for the delivery of coaching in a classroom setting.
  • When required, guidance from Business Support Expert or PIN Market Systems Advisor in conducting the mentoring
  • Support of the Project Team

Remuneration structure:

Coach will be paid on a monthly basis



  • Masters/engineer degree in relevant discipline (Business, Economy, Management, etc.), or bachelor’s degree equivalent with substantive experience related to the solicited activities is required.
  • Experience working with SMEs is desirable (preferably from Hawija District-Kirkuk governorate or surrounding areas).
  • At least 3 years of experience working on capacity building in business management skills.
  • Fluent in Arabic and intermediary English language.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to speak/communicate professionally with project participants and stakeholders.
  • NGO and organizational experience are an advantage – aware on the general rules and regulations of the organization, commitments towards neutrality and safeguarding throughout the organisations project activities.
  • Able to adapt within a work environment containing individuals of multiple and various cultural and educational backgrounds.
  • Demonstrated gender awareness and understanding of working with individuals with vulnerability.
  • Ability to plan activities and follow accordingly.
  • Timeliness in the delivery of outputs and respect towards agreed schedules.


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