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Production of an Event Video for GACWAG Closing Ceremony

(For individual consultants or consulting teams or firms)


  1. Background

The intervention (hereafter “project”) entitled Women and Girls Rebuilding Iraq implemented by OXFAM in Iraq contributes to shaping policy, decision-making mechanisms, and peace-building processes at multiple levels with the specific objective to ensure women and girls play a significant role in the new rehabilitation and development agenda. The initiative is working with women and girls in the Kirkuk and Diyala governorates, both of which have endured a protracted conflict. Part of the project also takes place at the national level involving public policy engagement and advocacy on women’s and girls’ rights.

Displaced women continue to suffer sexual and gender-based violence in both in-camp and out-of-camp settings even while the military offensive by ISIL is over. Despite some progress in the legislative protection of women’s equal rights, most of the women in Iraq are affected by long-term social, economic, and political exclusion exacerbated by deeply entrenched patriarchal values held by a large proportion of the population.

Two intermediate outcomes have been envisioned for the project:

  • Increased active participation of women and girls in public decision-making processes as transformative leaders.
  • The improved social and political environment for the effective participation of women and girls in government structures.


The project works at 3 levels:

  • Micro: individual capacity building and community engagement (involving both women and men);
  • Meso: working with interlocutors, WROs and women’s rights defenders to improve the well-being of women and girls.
  • Macro: work with opinion formers and policymakers for increased active participation of women and girls in governance structures.


  1. Purpose and objectives

Within the project scope, Oxfam in Iraq plans to produce a video capturing the activites done under  the GAC WAG project for its closing ceremony. As part of this assignment, Oxfam in Iraq is looking for a production studio or film director/producer to produce the video to cover all the pre-production and post-production work.

The overall objective of this assignment is to produce a video to capture and document the impact of the project activities. The video is a key output that must highlight learning, achievements, and success stories from members from the grassroots, partners, beneficiaries across output and women leaders working to address social norms ,increase women’s participation in leadership and decision making, with a specific focus on Diyala, Kirkuk, Erbil and Baghdad.


A video production company or freelancer video makers are welcome to apply for the assignment.


  1. Scope and methodology

To achieve the desired product the service provider is expected to implement the following:

  • Develop the video’s overall concept and scenario in collaboration with the Oxfam team, including the script and storyboard to be used in the shooting and production of the documentary.
  • Conduct field interviews in (Diyala, Kirkuk, Erbil and Baghdad.) with the grassroots, WRO team members, beneficiaries, and stakeholders.
  • Present a draft video to Oxfam for review and comments.
  • Incorporate the comments and feedback from Oxfam and produce a final 6-minute video.
  • Embed subtitles in the video as needed, and identify interviewees’ names and positions, locations, and any relevant details.
  • Raw materials and all recorded contetns of vidoes or pictures must be delivered to Oxfam in Iraq team on a harddisk at the end of the assignment.

Note: Oxfam in Iraq will provide a consent form to the consultant to be signed by all interviewees and people who will be appearing in the video. The consultant is responsible for sharing the signed forms with the Oxfam team once the interviews are finalized.


  1. Guidance on the video interviews and questions – Generic

The following questions are for the interviews with WROs:

  • What are the main activities that you implemented under the project?
  • What significant changes, impacts, successes, and development happened to your organization’s growth and employees’ capacities during the project life?
  • To what level has your intervention impacted the life of beneficiaries and women whom you reached with multiple interventions?
  • What challenges did your organization face when working on the GACWAG project, and how did you overcome them?
  • How did the community respond to your intervention?
  • What are the missed opportunities that the project would have leveraged?
  • What is you messeges on the role of WROs in Iraq to support Gender Equaliity and women’s right?


Interviews for beneficiaries and women who benefited from the GAC WAG  project intervention:

  • How did you hear about the project activities? And what was your involvement in the project activities?
  • How and to what extend did the project impact your life? (For BNF of WEE, BMT, Masculinity sessions, dialogues, advocacy activities, GALS, changemakers, women leaders and women and girls who participated awareness raising on SRHR, WEE, political participation and decision making. Men and boys who participated in the masculinity session and women in leadership programme etc- Probe on the ones that apply).
  • If you want to say a word or send a message to yourself and other women and community members, what would you like to say?
  • Do you feel theres change that has resulted in the community that can be attributed to the project intervention. Please tell us more?
  • In your opinion what do you think the leadership in your community should do to support women and girls more?

Note: the consultant is encouraged to add a question to the suggested ones above.

  1. Timeframe

The consultancy shall be for a duration of 5 –7 working days from the date of signing the contract and shouldn’t go beyond 10t h March 2023.

  1. Supervision and Management

GAC WAG Project Manager and the Policy, Advocacy, and Communication team will provide technical supervision of the assignment.

  1. Logistics and Constraints

Oxfam will be responsible for:


  • Actively engage with the consultant during the storyboard, scenario development, and work plan.
  • Oxfam will provide the consultant with the questions and any relevant needed materials.
  • Work with the consultant in identifying individual information, location, names, and positions.
  • Reviewing the final film production draft and providing feedback.


  1. Knowledge and Experience of the Consultancy firm/individual

The following key technical requirements will be taken into consideration when assessing consultants’ technical competencies:

  • Must have more than 3 years of proven experience in film production and similar products.
  • Extensive experience in producing similar work-related documentaries and videos for organizations to reach out to both local and international audiences.
  • Excellent technical capacities and abilities to produce full High-Definition video to ensure high-quality production.

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