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Consultancy – Rapid Market Assessment in Sheikhan Town

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Job Overview

Consultancy – Rapid Market Assessment in Sheikhan Town


Aims of this assignment:

There are three main aims of the assignment:

  • Conduct assessment and analysis of the markets (retail and wholesale) in Sheikhan town with focus on the existing markets and markets/malls that are being constructed or planned to be constructed in the town.


  • Conduct market analysis of the local market under construction in south-eastern part of Sheikhan town (here the ‘New Market’) that will allow the local government to develop a business strategy for this investment project. The analysis will include identification of types of small businesses that can be accommodated into the New Market, with particular focus on businesses that can generate economic opportunities for vulnerable community members, and identification of vocational and/or entrepreneurship trainings that could benefit the future shopkeepers at the New Market.


  • Identify market gaps and needs in Sheikhan town that can be addressed through a municipal investment project that meets the basic criteria under MASAR program: a) generate economic opportunities/jobs for the local community; b) be economically sustainable/viable; and c) bring income to Sheikhan Municipality.


Type: consultancy


Duration: 20 working days (from 6 March 2021 to 17 April 2021)


Project background:


MASAR for Local Governments is a programme funded by the EU MADAD trust fund. The overall aim of the programme is to strengthen the long-term resilience of targeted subnational governments and their host, refugee and IDP populations to deal with displacement.


The programme in Iraq aims to help municipal and governorate bodies in Dohuk and Ninewa.


MASAR has three objectives:

  • To improve the capacities of subnational governments to engage in holistic, area-based planning and consider different scenarios that respond to the needs of host, refugee and IDP populations.
  • To improve service delivery to generate greater social stability outcomes, based on the needs of host, refugee and IDP populations.
  • To empower subnational governments and service providers to facilitate local economic development and to have better access to municipal investment that benefit the extension of safe public services and create economic opportunities for host, refugee and IDP populations.


Main activities:

  • assess and analyse the existing retail and wholesale market sector in Sheikhan town in terms of supply and demand, types of business, and business environment (e.g., profitability, costs, customers).
  • identify major gaps and needs taking into consideration the geographical locations, types and density (if possible) of the existing markets and businesses.
  • recommend feasible, practical, and economically viable measures to address the market gaps in Sheikhan town (e.g. infrastructure, capacity building and other types of support). The recommendations should follow no-harm approach/policy, i.e. do not create adverse impacts on the existing businesses, and – if possible – be disaggregated by geographical locations within Sheikhan town.
  • identify appropriate businesses with potential for success and sustainability which could be accommodated into the New Market in Sheikhan town including businesses that can create economic opportunities for vulnerable community members.
  • perform a study among informal businesses that are meant to be relocated to the New Market and recommend relevant vocation/entrepreneurship trainings that could benefit the shopkeepers.
  • assess market gaps in Sheikhan town that be addressed through a municipal investment project in Sheikan town that would be in line with MASAR program criteria,i.e.,  generate economic opportunities/jobs for the local community, be economically sustainable/viable; and bring income to Sheikhan Municipality.

Key responsibilities:

  • design the assessment methodology, in line with the assessment objectives indicated above, and context-sensitive data collection tools to assess the market situation, gaps and needs in Sheikhan town.
  • prepare and present to PCPM an inception report that will include a detailed work plan and assessment methodology.
  • recruit enumerators with experience in conducting assessments.
  • prepare and conduct a one-day workshop in Dohuk city or Sheikhan town to train assessment enumerators on the survey methodology and effective communication and facilitation skills.
  • verify and validate data collected by the enumerators on a daily basis.
  • provide timely support and consultation for the enumerators during the data collection phase.
  • conduct a comprehensive market study, based on primary and secondary data, and provide recommendations addressing assessment objectives indicated above.
  • submit the draft report to PCPM and discuss the initial findings.
  • present the survey findings during a one-day validation/finalization workshop for local stakeholders in Sheikhan town.
  • incorporate feedback given during the validation workshop and revise and submit the final report to PCPM.


  • Inception report which includes: 1) Work plan and concept note with detailed timeline; 2) methodology – sampling frame, data collection plan, data collection tools and data verification and analysis plan; and 3) list of enumerators with proven experience in data collection (confirmed by CVs).
  • Training the enumerators on assessment methodology and data collection.
  • Draft report prepared according to provided template and presenting methodology and findings of the assessment, and the resulting conclusions and recommendations
  • Data validation and finalization workshop with stakeholders and PCPM team, where findings and recommendations will be presented using PowerPoint.
  • Revise the final report incorporating feedback from the workshop

Minimum qualifications:

  1. Education: Advanced University degree in Development Studies, Economics or other related fields.
  2. Professional experience:
  • Excellent analytical, writing, and reporting skills.
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant practical field experience within one or more of the following areas: Socio-economic, micro-economic analysis; market and value-chain analysis; household economy assessments; municipal investments; development; risks and vulnerability assessments; and market assessments.
  • Experience in conducting assessments for planning and/or evaluation purposes. Familiarity with established assessment and analytical tools and experience in investment programming is desirable (e.g. Household economy approach; Sustainable livelihoods framework; Market analysis; Minimum economic and recovery standards, etc.).
  • Experience in conducting in-depth market surveys and livelihood assessment.
  • Excellent networking skills with private and public sector institutions.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, Kurdish and
  • Ability to work with/or lead a team of enumerators.

Location: Sheikhan district (for field work) and Dohuk city

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