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3 X Consultancy (Trainer)- Scope of Work

11 June 2023 to 10 March 2024

Shared Future Project




Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is the international relief and development agency of the Catholic community in the United States. CRS supports more than 100 million people in more than 100 countries on five continents. CRS works with local partners to promote human development by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies; and serves Catholics in the United States as they live their faith in solidarity with their brothers and sisters around the world. CRS’ world headquarters is in Baltimore, MD. For further information about CRS, please visit:


CRS Iraq-Kirkuk seeks three livelihoods consultants/trainers for the Shared Future in Kirkuk for a total period of 10 months, 3-5 days/week, 4 hrs./day. The consultants should support field teams to implement entrepreneurship Training and coaching sessions. The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) will provide an 8–10-week entrepreneurship followed by 6-month coaching sessions for 20-30 (per consultant) youth in Kirkuk, Iraq. The consultant will deliver entrepreneurship training with topics including, how to start a business, conduct market assessments, develop marketing strategies, customer service, financial management, and others as described in detail in the deliverables. A six-month coaching period will follow, where participants will receive support in setting up their businesses. Participants will be expected to attend one group coaching session per month for 2-3 hours and be available for monthly check-in through phone calls and monthly on-site visits. The consultant is expected to support CRS with the data to conduct baseline, midterm, and end-line data collection, targeted evaluation activities, and continuous review and analysis of project monitoring data.


The Consultant will not lead projects, manage staff, or budgets, and the consultant will not have a representational capacity outside the organizations. The purpose of the consultant is not to fill a CRS Iraq staff position but to support the implementation of key training and coaching that require technical skills.



  1. Project Overview & Background

Enabling Durable Solutions for a Cohesive and Diverse Ninewa Plains, or by its shorter name Shared Future, is a 7.25-year project launched in June 2018, to support families in Ninewa and Kirkuk governorates attain durable solutions after years of displacement caused by the rise and fall of the Islamic State (IS).


Shared Future works closely with youth and community and religious leaders in the Ninewa Plains and Kirkuk to support durable solutions through three strategic objectives:


  • Strategic Objective 1 (SO1): Diverse tribal, religious, and ethnic groups in the Ninewa Plains have increased mutual understanding, tolerance, and trust.
  • Strategic Objective 2 (SO2): Diverse conflict-affected emerging adults in the Ninewa Plains and Kirkuk achieve productive livelihoods.
  • Strategic Objective 3 (SO3): Diverse conflict-affected youth are empowered to reach their full potential.


To date, Shared Future contains three distinct phases over the period from 2018 to 2025. The project sought to test and study different interventions (social cohesion and livelihoods) and identify promising practices that could potentially be scaled up to support durable returns in the Ninewa Plains.



  1. Desk Review Documentation


The Consultant will conduct a desk review of the following documents throughout the consultancy:

  • Shared Future Phase III Concept Note
  • Shared Future FY23 Implementation Plan, MEAL Plan, IPTT, and PIRS
  • Shared Future Foundations Training Curriculum
  • Shared Future Technical Training Curriculum
  • Shared Future Business Development Plan Template
  • Shared Future Scoring Rubric Framework


Other relevant assessments, literature, and materials, as identified by CRS Iraq, can also be provided to the consultant.


Expected Activities:

Shared Future:


  1. Delivery of intensive Technical Training: Deliver and carry out 8-10 weeks, 3-5 days/week, in-person intensive technical training to livelihoods entrepreneurship participants sees below table “Timetable of Activities and Deliverables”. The consultant will follow the CRS agenda and materials that will be shared in advance.
  2. Technical Support to Field Team: Conduct weekly check-ins with field teams (no longer than two hours) (in Kirkuk and Hawija) to troubleshoot challenges and provide technical guidance. An agenda for the calls should be developed beforehand and meetings should be documented to include minutes with time-bound action points.
  3. Training on Community Mapping and Market Assessment Template: Conduct a full-day workshop on the Community Mapping and Market Assessment template for entrepreneurship participants in coordination with the Shared Future Program, Manager, and Livelihoods Senior Project Officer. The consultant will deliver and explain all the details to the participants and how to collect information. The consultant then will review the participant’s reports and provide the required guidance.
  4. Training on Business Development Plan Template: Conduct Regular follow-up and practice on the Business Development Plan template. The consultants will be required to make sure all entrepreneurship participants fill in the business plan regularly throughout the training period when the relevant topics are covered. The consultant should provide the required support to finalize the business plan of the participants in the best shape possible in order to be shared with CRS later on.
  5. Reporting: The consultant provides feedback to the CRS team on weekly basis highlighting achievements, challenges, and any recommendations if available. The consultant is expected to provide a training efficiency report by the end of the training including the data from pre-post tests. The consultant is also expected to SUPPORT field team reporting about training, coaching, and data collection such as baseline, midterm, and end-line, targeted evaluation activities, and continuous review and analysis of project monitoring data.
  6. Attend ToT: The consultants are expected to attend the Training of Trainers (ToT) about the entrepreneurship training select topics mentioned in the deliverables.
  7. Reviewing of Materials: The consultant is expected to review the project and training materials before being delivered to the beneficiaries.
  8. Other:The Consultant will support the Shared Future Project Director, Program Manager, and Livelihoods Senior Project Officer with other tasks as assigned during the consultancy.


Deliverables and Deadlines:


The timetable of Activities and Deliverables



Deliverable 1: To conduct the following training
Week Working Days Date Main Activities
1 3 days June 18 –June 22 Introduction to SED concepts and soft skills – Week 1

3 days


Introduction to:

– Trainees to each other

– The course agenda and objectives

– Pre-Post Test

– Entrepreneurship and its importance

– Intro to foundational concepts in small enterprise development (supply, demand, markets, the difference between SBO and entrepreneur, etc.)

1 day


– What does it mean to be an entrepreneur

– Motivational messages and examples

– Business plan

– Skills/tools required to be an entrepreneur

– Characteristics of the entrepreneur.

– Statistics of Entrepreneurial Opportunities and failures, and why?

–  Youth-friendly self-assessment to identify strengths

1 day


Creative thinking, Innovation & Regeneration

1 day


2 1 day June 25 –June 29


Testing the business idea Week 2

1 day


Unique Sales Proposition, Competitive Analysis, and sales

1 day

3 & 4  7 days July 2 – July 6


July 9 –July 13

Testing the business idea & defining the marketing plan Week 3 & 4

7 days


– Market assessment & feasibility study

– Community Mapping

4 days


Debrief the community mapping and market assessment results

1 Day


– Marketing mix (7 Ps)

– Digital Marketing

– Branding, Logo, slogan…etc.

– Pricing

– Review and apply learning in the business plan

2 days


5 2 days July 16 –July 20


Resource planning Week 5

2 days



– Collect quotations and specifications of required items to implement the business idea.

-Review and apply learning in the business plan (half day)

2 days


6 & 7 5 days July 23–July 27


July 30 – August 3

Financial planning, and key concepts in business management Week 6 & 7

5 days


Financial planning

1 day


– Finance management and record keeping

– Review and apply learning in the business plan (half day)

1 day


-Business Management (1)

– Dealing with Different Personalities & Customer Services

– Feedback and its mechanism

– Inviting alumni and success stories

3 days


8 4 days Aug 6 – Aug 10 Key concepts in business management, Celebration and Close Week 8, 4 days


– Adaptability to Business Environment

– Sustainability

– Time Management & Problem Solving

 –  SWOT analysis and risk mitigation measures

– Review and apply learning in the business plan (half day)

– Finalizing and filling out the business plan

3 days


– Recap

– Post-test

1 day

After completion of the trainings  
After completion of the training and between Aug 13 – Sept 7th, 2023 –          20-30 (The specific number assigned per consultant) well-shaped business plans of entrepreneurship training participants. The consultant needs to make sure all participants fill in the business plan regularly throughout the training period when the relevant topics are covered. The trainer needs to provide the required guidance and instructions needed to the participants to finalize the business plans and submit them to CRS

–          The consultant needs to provide CRS with a detailed report highlighting achievements, challenges, and any recommendations if available. The report should also include training efficiency and pre-post-test results.

–          Attendance sheets signed by participants, and consultants, and verified by the CRS team.

–          10 Photos during the training







Deliverable 2: To provide coaching service to the participants
24 96


Sept 10, 2023– Mar 14, 2024 Coaching sessions over 24 weeks


Each participant should receive the following services over 24 weeks:

– Phone calls coaching to all participants once per month

– one-on-one meetings to all participants once per month

– Group coaching to each group once per month


– The consultant should provide reports of each approach for the assigned participants (20-30) to CRS using the approved templates.


Note: the dates are not yet confirmed and they might be subjected to change.

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