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Consultant – Project Endline Evaluation (National and International)

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Job Overview

About Us:

Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) is a dynamic, international non-governmental organization. We work to reduce and prevent violence and protect civilians in countries affected by violent conflict and its aftermath by implementing Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP) programming. NP implements programming by deploying civilian protection teams to the field and is continuing to scale up to meet the growing needs of the communities we serve. Programming is founded on UCP and is thematically focused on protection in displacement, child protection, gender-based violence protection, inter-communal violence reduction, social cohesion, and civic engagement.

Project Background:

With the support of the Stabilization and Humanitarian Aid Department of The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NP started implementing a three-year project titled ‘Mitigating Local Conflict and Supporting Community Peace Systems in Sinjar and Ba’aj’ on March 1st, 2021. NP’s main objective is to increase the safety and security of civilians affected by violent conflict through UCP, strengthening local capacities for nonviolent conflict resolution and supporting more inclusive decision-making processes in project locations.

Objective of Consultancy:

This consultancy’s objective is to conduct the endline evaluation of the above-mentioned project successfully. This includes all relevant steps of the process, from initial planning and development of the methodology to completion of the endline evaluation report.

Responsibilities of the Consultant:

In close cooperation with the NP team in Iraq, the consultant will:

  • Coordinate all activities with NP to ensure smooth preparation and implementation of functions related to the endline assessment in project locations
  • Conduct desk review for the project documents
  • Developing the evaluation plan: The consultant will work with NP to finalize an evaluation plan that outlines the objectives, methodology, data collection tools, and analysis plan for the evaluation
  • Collecting and analyzing data: The consultant will collect and analyze data using various methods such as Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), and documents analysis. They will also use statistical analysis tools to analyze the data and draw conclusions
  • Reporting and presenting findings: The consultant will prepare a report that explains the findings of the evaluation and provides recommendations for improvement. They will also present the findings to the organization in a clear and concise manner
  • Submit regular updates on the implementation of the activities under the consultancy
  • Ensuring ethical and professional standards: The consultant will adhere to ethical and professional standards in conducting the evaluation, including maintaining confidentiality and respecting the rights and dignity of participants
  • Ensure the safety and security of project participants
  • Translate and edit data, documents, and all other material related to the project in Arabic (Arabic to English and English to Arabic required)


The consultant will implement the endline evaluation based on the guidelines and objectives the NP Iraq country office sets out. The mediums of assessment in terms of program design and performance for the endline evaluation are relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability. Additionally, the evaluation will measure the level of achievement of envisaged program results and outcomes. The consultant is also expected to perform a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative data analysis from the baseline, qualitative data analysis from the midline, and qualitative and quantitative insights from KIIs and FGDs. Based on the evaluation questions and the context of the project, a mixed-methods approach is required to ensure comprehensive data collection and analysis.

Scope of Work:

Steps in completing this process include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Developing Endline Plan
  • Review of Data Collection Tools
  • Developing Training Modules on Evaluation Methodology Including Questionnaire
  • Preparing Training Materials for Enumerators.
  • Lead and Manage Implementation of a Data Collection Plan
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting and presenting findings
  • Submission of a Final Report

Required Deliverables:

  • Submission of Proposal
    • The proposal needs to address the scope of work by providing additional information or clarification on the study’s approach, methodology, and implementation plans within a maximum of 8 pages.Top of Form
    • Additionally, the proposal must include:
  • Your understanding of UCP and how it may be applied in Iraq
      • A section demonstrating your understanding of the context of the project sites (both Sinjar and Ba’aj)
      • A section demonstrating your understanding of what social cohesion means, both within and between communities
      • Any suggested modifications/improvements to the existing evaluation scope as outlined in this document
  • Community Engagement Plan
    • The community engagement plan must be approved by NP and revised as necessary before commencing work
    • For the purpose of collecting data, having a minimum of two female and two male enumerators for each field site.
    • Enumerators must be from the community in which they will be working (enumerators working in Baaj must be from Baaj, and the same for Sinjar)
  • Desk Review Plan
    • The desk review plan must also be approved by NP and revised as necessary before commencing work
  • All data, including raw data as well as cleaned data files with data organized and variables named and labeled, must be submitted to NP
  • Completion of 2 – 3 case studies based on results of community engagement
  • A comprehensive evaluation report— that fully addresses the study objectives as well as recommendations that will inform implementation of the project and future programming
    • A draft and final report should be submitted according to a specific schedule agreed upon with NP.
    • In submitting the findings and draft report, the consultant should organize an in-person or virtual meeting(s) and discuss the comments and suggestions of the project staff.
    • Relevant comments should be considered in the final report.
  • NP will oversee the process and be responsible for accountability and guidance throughout all phases of execution and approval of all deliverables.

Preparation of the Deliverables/Timelines:

The main consultant’s engagement shall commence on July 01, 2024 to September 30, 2024.

Qualification of the Main Consultant:

Successful applicants shall have the following qualifications:

General qualifications and skills:

  • Required Competencies
    • Graduate or postgraduate degree in a research-related field (Statistics, Social Science, Political Science, Humanitarian Studies, etc.)
    • Experience in conducting research and M&E in violence prevention, social cohesion, and/or related fields
    • Five years of experience in designing and implementing endline evaluations, including all constituent components ranging from:
      • Endline methodology design
      • Question and tool design especially KII and FGD
      • Training others on methodology and data collection processes
      • Data collection among communities
      • Data preparation, cleaning, and analysis
      • Designing appropriate products to display findings (such as graphs, visualizations, etc.)
      • Drafting and finalizing endline evaluation reports
    • Fluency in spoken and written English, including excellent writing skills, particularly in drafting reports in a concise manner
  • Proven ability to manage highly confidential and sensitive information through a protection lens
  • Experience managing projects in complex and volatile environments
  • Preferred Competencies
    • Demonstrated experience in UCP, peacebuilding, social cohesion,
    • Fluency in spoken and written Arabic (MSA)
    • Proficiency/fluency in Iraqi Arabic
    • Proficiency/fluency in Kurmanji
    • Experience working in Iraq
    • Excellent interpersonal and team skills
    • Strong organizational skills

HOW TO APPLY: Application Process and Requirements

Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit the following:


  • A detailed technical proposal demonstrating a thorough understanding of this TOR and including but not limited to the following:
    • Consultant Profile
    • Description of Proposed Methodology
    • Demonstrated previous experience in similar assignments and qualifications outlined in this TOR (provide 2 sample works)
    • Proposed data management plan (collection, processing, and analysis)
    • Team composition and level of effort of each proposed team member (include CVs of each team member)
    • Financial proposal
    • Specific dates required to complete the project (work schedule)
    • Annexes: any documents the consultant feels will assist the proposal review team evaluate the proposal.
    • Do not forget to include the sections mentioned in the Required Deliverables section; applications that do not include these will not be considered.
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • The closing date for applications is 23:59 PM (Iraq time, GMT +3) on Tuesday, 04 June 2024
    • Candidate may be identified before the closing date. Apply early.
    • As part of the recruitment process, shortlisted candidates will participate in an interview process


Copyright and Ownership of the Study:

All documents produced under this consultancy shall be the joint property of NP and the main consultant. Express permission from the main consultant is needed for use.


Nonviolent Peaceforce is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against based on disability.


Nonviolent Peaceforce acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of employees, contractors, volunteers, interns, communities we work with, and other stakeholders and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities and government guidance and complies with best practices in the Humanitarian and Development sector.NP expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment through our code of conduct. We prioritize ensuring that only those who share and demonstrate our values are recruited to work for us.


The post holder will undertake the appropriate level of training and is responsible for ensuring that they understand and work within the safeguarding policies of the organization.


All offers of employment will be subject to satisfactory references and appropriate screening checks, which can include criminal records and terrorism finance checks. NP also participates in the Inter Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme. In line with this Scheme, we will request information from job applicants’ previous employers about any findings of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment during employment or incidents under investigation when the applicant left employment. By submitting an application, the job applicant confirms their understanding of these recruitment procedures.



We never ask for payment as part of our selection process, and we always contact candidates via our corporate accounts and platforms. If you are approached for payment, this is likely to be fraudulent. Please check whether the role you are interested in is posted here on our website

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