Copy Editor

Job Overview


Job Duties:

The copy-editor are in charge of making sure that the text of any product that involves writing (such as magazines, newspapers, newsletter, announcement, social media posts… etc.) is free of any errors, whilst ensuring that texts are engaging and accessible to the readers

Copy edits, with or without backup copy, advertising and marketing materials produced by all departments and in all mediums

Proofreads various documents following copy changes, design updates, stakeholders’ revisions, etc.

Ensures proper implementation of changes/proper versions of copy were utilized

Reviews existing and new materials for copy clarity and readability, trademarks, registration information, spelling, capitalization, formatting, branding, voice and tone, etc.

Performs substantive editing as requested for both internal and external copy

Creates guides and instruction sheets as needed

Other duties as assigned



Bachelor’s degree in Arabic, English

Years of Experience

+2 Years in proofreading and copy editing.

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