Korek Telecom

Core Operation Engineer

Job Overview


To provide services to our customers in terms of network availability and quality, on a 24/7 basis through existing tools and resources, and in accordance with other Korek Mission statement.


Key Responsibilities

  • To follow up and troubleshoot the daily core related TT sent by NOC.
  • Follow up and troubleshoot the weekly PRS & AXE reports and update the reports.
  • Accomplish and take care of the daily health check routines and core backup procedures.
  • Following complicated problems with all concerned parties.
  • Escalate and follow up the abnormal Core issues (Emergencies) to Nokia support.
  • Availability during abnormal time, night activity, weekend, Holidays, maintenance window…etc.
  • Handle network elements faults and outages and following up CSRs with E/// support.
  • Work on subscriber issues like MO and MT call problem, B-number analysis, Global title (GT), global title routing case (GTRC) and routing case (RC).
  • Correlation knowledge in Configuration, Fault and Performance of Core Networks.



  • Background in network protocol like SIGTRAN, ATM, ISUP, TCP, SCTP, BICC and GCP.
  • Work effectively in a high pressure and multi-cultural environment.
  • Good Communication skills.
  • Experience in Core Networks or related fields.
  • Consistent logic, rationality & objectivity in decision making.
  • Stable & poised under pressure.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.


Work Experience



Bachelor Communication Engineering or a related field.



  • English (required)
  • Kurdish (required)
  • Arabic (preferred)