Preemptive Love

Country Director Iraq (Sulaymaniyah, Iraq)

Job Overview

Country Director Iraq

Preemptive Love is a global community of peacemakers working to end war and stop the spread of violence. We do this by living and working in polarizing conflict zones, providing emergency relief to families persecuted by terrorism and violence, jobs for displaced families and community building.

About the team

For the tens of thousands victimized by conflict, they don’t need a hand-out, they need a hand-up. We change the way the world engages in polarizing conflict by empowering victims and turning them into small business owners, employers, and sustainable sources of revenue and hope for their families and the local community. We do this through building relationships and once their businesses have started we follow up with them to make sure things are running smoothly.

Job Title: Country Director, Iraq

Hours: Full time
Location: Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Reports to: Chief Program Officer

About the Role

The Country Director plays a key role in Preemptive Love’s comprehensive and solutions-based approach to the country through a high level of strategic leadership, innovation and effective advocacy. The Country Director is ultimately accountable in the country for all aspects of PLC’s work, leading the mission and at the same time development of the programs, continuing the process of developing solid impact measurement mechanisms, strengthening accountability initiatives and ensuring that the financial management and organizational setup is adapted to the operational context. The Country Director sets direction, leads, maintains team morale, safety and welfare, while managing resources, delegating specific duties as necessary, and maintaining oversight and accountability. In addition, this position works collaboratively with the Program Directors ensuring internal integration and coordination necessary to ensure care of programs staff, delivery of program quality,  and consistent direction of programs across the organization.



  • Responsible for all expatriate and country staff.
  • Coordinating with the Middle East HR Business Partner in conformity with Iraq’s applicable labor laws and internal regulations.
  • In collaboration with the Middle East, HR Business Partner conducts appraisals of staff in line with OKR requirements.
  • Contributing to the creation of Job Descriptions and any recruitment and hiring processes.
  • Supervision of staff demonstrating healthy engagement and cultivating cultures of inclusion, innovation, and efficiency.

Security Management

  • Monitoring security threats in the region, provide up-to-date regional security updates and guidance.
  • Ensure execution of Iraq’s security and crisis protocol and response in partnership with HR.


  • Formulating the country strategy in light of the political, economic and humanitarian context.
  • Upholding legal registrations throughout the country.
  • Acting as key contact with head offices, local partners, NGOs, UN agencies, local authorities, government authorities, donors.
  • Acting as a focal point, to issue policy recommendations in collaboration with field staff and headquarters.
  • Representing PLC to partners, NGOs, local authorities, government authorities and donors.
  • Ensure the organization is recognized by stakeholders (relevant government authorities, donors, other NGOs, media etc) as a strong aid and development organization and credible reference point and leader on related issues.
  • Develop Preemptive Love’s reputation and brand among government and peer INGOs to pre-position, advocate, network and raise profile and reputation among key influencers


  • Coordinating with Program directors to define the programs and coordinate with the team.
  • Oversee program quality in the country; ensuring quality execution of program strategy that integrates child protection, timely and quality completion of M&E processes, adoption of quality standards and guidelines, and efficient use of global and regional program resources.
  • Support and incentivize the evolution and innovation in programs and their delivery models.
  • Lead and take all appropriate actions to ensure promotion and enforcement of the Child Safeguarding Policy and follow up on any findings to address any gaps or weaknesses given the uniqueness of the local operating context and best practice.
  • Ensuring achievement of the program objectives.
  • Ensuring the organization has adequate resources.
  • Ensuring programs are still appropriate, according to the situation, the context and the program objectives.
  • Planning with technical staff.
  • Ensuring technical staff carry out their work to the right standard.
  • Narrative and financial reporting to donors and to managing headquarters.


  • Responsible for financial feasibility and planning of the country program with the CFO.
  • Establish, manage and report operational budgets to ensure program success.
  • Responsible for all logistical aspects:
    • Ensure that logistics-related donor conditionalities are met across the Programme.
    •  Develop solutions to diverse and complex problems within organizational policy and take part in proposal writing and or budgeting
    • Ensure that the design and delivery of supply with implementing partners is collaborative
    • Work with program managers/coordinators to identify logistics needs and develop strategies to meet them in a timely fashion.
    • Lead in the development of analysis on transportation requirements in Iraq and potential developments with the Logistic officer.
    • Work with program teams to develop supply plans for each donor contract and collaborate with field logisticians on delivering these plans
    • Developing PLC internal logistic policy.
  • Reporting of quantitative and qualitative data regarding direct services.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Development Studies or Technical field.
  • Demonstrated high-level interpersonal and cross-cultural skills including the ability to build collaborative relationships internally and externally with sensitivity to cultural, ethnic, social and political issues.
  • Experience of managing budgets and multiple donor contracts.
  • Arabic and Kurdish language skills are highly recommended.
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations.
  • Ability to work within a team setting.
  • Ability to adapt within the working environment.


  • At least 5 years previous field experience in a relief NGO.
  • Minimum of 5 year’s experience in an NGO in a managerial position.
  • Minimum 2 years working knowledge or experience of donor engagement and stewardship.
  • Experience in security management for high risk regions.

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against candidates on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or veteran status. We strongly encourage and seek applications from people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ individuals, women, men, bilingual and bicultural individuals, veterans, and members of other minority or marginalized groups. Please see Equal Employment Opportunity for more information.