Al-Emlaq Al-Ahmar


Job Overview


• Proven customer relations skills both in person, over telephone and E-mails
• have the ability to deal with different types of customers
• have the Customer First mindset
• Proven ability to communicate and determine customers’ needs and complains
• Essential automotive knowledge and experience about car features
• Information regarding Toyota Warranty
• Attended the Toyota Fundamental Training at the Distributer
• Legible writing and good administrative skills
• Good communication skills (listening, questioning, Writing)
• Good time management and task dispatch skills

• Handle variety of customers general and serious complaint using the Toyota 7 Steps of Complaint Handling
• compromise proper compensation to customers on after obtaining approval.
• Receive and check the Weekly/ Monthly report from CR Staff and analyze it
• Utilize the customer feedback and comment for the development of the business
• Measure the relationship between the customer and the company through monitoring the NPS ratio
• Provide monthly KPI report for his department, and operators productivity reports for the dealer management
• Monitor the dealership Appointment Rate and Maintenance Reminder to continuously improve it
• Sent MRS to operators in deferent branches operators N+10 of the appointment
• dispatch customer information to the operators to conduct PSFU
• Monitor the dealership Service Workshop and Sales department through customer VOC and provide solutions
• Taking responsibility for recruiting new joiners and developing them through internal training or sending them to TIQ
• continuously monitor market trends and competitors’ status
• strengthen the communication between other branches
• Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions; suggesting information about other
products and promoting for campaigns services
• Maintains customer accurate records by continuously updating DMS information

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