INTECH Process Automation

CSU PACO Technician

Job Overview

About The Position

This position is required for a short-term assignment.

As a CSU PACO Technician, you will be responsible for;

– Provide technical expertise and deliver requirements for Commission and Startup projects at various locations in accordance with industry best practices.

– Provide disciplined technical support to other asset services activities, e.g. asset integrity reviews and improvement activities, shutdowns, maintenance, and reliability.

– Support and advise punch listing of systems and closeout of punch list items

– Execution of the Commissioning & Start-Up Plan and Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning Execution Plan.

– Provide input to Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Procedures, including Systems Testing Procedures.

– Assist and contribute to the Flawless start-up initiative.

– Support the Project to Asset Handover strategy to align with Operations handover requirements.

– Provide quality assurance and coaching on systems acceptance and punch listing activities undertaken by the BGC Operations team

– Promote a Flawless Project Delivery (FPD) approach within the Project Teams and Operations to ensure a cost-effective and quick ramp-up to targets

– Work closely with project and operations to help develop SU team skills and competency requirements

– Participate in Peer reviews on start-up and operating procedures

– Work closely with Project and Operations personnel to meet the commissioning and start-up milestones.

– Liaise with the BGC projects and contractor teams.

– Ensure risks to the CSU schedule are identified and raised early.

– Assist to Produce punch lists, acceptance documentation, and site and technical queries.

– Assist to ensure close out of outstanding work and punch items, prior to systems being accepted for commission.

– Provide input into the preparation of the maintenance plans in line with Operations & Maintenance philosophy, Maintenance/Integrity strategies; ensure maintenance tasks are developed based on best practices, vendor’s recommendations, and results of appropriate analyses;

– Provide input to the definition and preventive maintenance requirements for SCEs;

– Assist in the review of relevant Operational Excellence elements

– Provide input to the CSU Safety Strategies and promote safe practice for personnel and safe operation of production assets


– Technical Certifications, 5+ years experience in the gas and oil industry, CSU experience preferred.

– Good technical communication skills.

– Ability to interact with members of projects, contractors and the Company’s asset teams.

– Good understanding of instrumentation, control, and safeguarding equipment.