Customer Quality Control Officer

Job Overview


This position is responsible for evaluating the employee’s performance and quality of their work on tasks those are with direct touch with the customers and the customer experience and satisfaction.

Also, this position helps to ensure the organization to meet the goals for productivity. Quality of service overall effectiveness

  • Contact Customers to evaluate commercial team in terms of Performance, Communication and attitude.
  • Contact lost customer to investigate about service suspension reasons.
  • Contact possible customers to validate the gathered data held by the sales and marketing teams and evaluate them in terms of Performance, Communication and attitude.
  • Contact new customer and check if the sale employee gave briefed description about all of our services and explained the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Conduct site visits with Customers after Technical Implementation to check quality of work.
  • Contact customers to evaluate the technical support and ease of communication and reachability.
  • Conduct surveys with Customers who visits our offices to evaluate how satisfied are they about the facilities, services provided and communication.
  • Handling Customers complaints until response is back to the customer.
  • Generate Leads received from the contacted customer.
  • Inform customer of new deals and promotions.
  • Encourage customers to complete surveys
  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies
  • Measuring Customer Retention Rate, FCR (First Contact Resolution), FRT (First Response Time)
  • Handle and treat tickets directed from Customers to management through Management’s ticket pool.

Escalate and investigate valid cases of Management’s ticket pool with the concerned department to ensure issues are solved and customers are satisfied.


  • BA in Business Administration or any related field.

1-3 Year Experience.