Fastlink Telecom

Cyber Security Engineer

Job Overview

Location: Erbil
Position type: Full-time.
• Managing L1, L2, L3 for all security Component running in Corporate Infrastructure.
• Establish Zero-Trust module for infrastructure and digital Assets.
• Proactively monitoring for potential cyber security risks before they escalate into significant
issues. Performing vulnerability assessments and IT audits, where risks are identified,
measured, and managed over time.
• Scanning to help detect areas vulnerable to computer threats and provide a realistic threat
• Testing security measures and existing security controls and processes to ensure the
organization is protected against any type of vulnerability. This might entail conducting
and/or reviewing penetration test results with the aim of identifying corrective actions.
• Monitoring all the configuration changes in terms of settings and policies for IPS/IDS, anti
spoofing, Application Control, LAN/WAN routing and cluster interfaces, etc.
• Best Practice for new appliances installation with joining to the centralized monitoring
• Supervise the Backup and restore configuration of settings, policies, and rule set.
• Support for up-to-date vulnerability databases, testing of new vulnerabilities.
• Recommend the time for installation of the firmware updates.
• Penetration test and Vulnerability scanning.
• Installing, configuring, and maintaining the Linux servers and workstations.
• BSc in telecommunication engineering, computer science or relevant field.
• Deep understanding of static and dynamic routing protocols.
• Experience managing Firewall, SIEM, WAF, PAM and Core SW.
• Experience with virtualization including capacity planning, advanced diagnostics and
troubleshooting, and performance management.

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