Data Quality Engineer

Job Overview


Data quality engineer is responsible for ensuring that the data used by their organization is accurate and consistent. They commonly work with a variety of different databases, applications, and other systems to ensure that all of this information is properly organized and easily accessible. Data quality engineers may also be tasked with developing new methods or processes for improving the quality of data within an organization. This might include creating software tools or procedures for verifying the accuracy of incoming data or flagging issues that need to be addressed by human reviewers.

Data quality engineers have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Developing standards for data quality and ensuring that these standards are followed throughout the organization.
  • Evaluating the quality of data received from data sources to ensure that it meets company standards.
  • Creating or updating data models to ensure that data is stored in an organized manner.
  • Working with other departments to establish procedures for data collection and analysis.
  • Creating reports on data quality issues and recommending solutions to problems.
  • Reviewing data to identify patterns or trends that may indicate errors or inconsistencies
  • Creating and implementing plans to improve data quality by identifying causes of errors or discrepancies and determining effective solutions.
  • Recommending new data collection methods or technologies as needed to improve the quality of data.

Consulting with other departments to determine how new data standards will affect their operations.


Bachelor’s degree in engineering, such as IT, civil engineer, Computer, Telecommunication ,Electrical or other relevant field.

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