PUI (Premiere Urgence Intenational)

Deputy Project Manager

Job Overview

Overall purpose

The Deputy Health Project Manager supports the Health Project Manager (HPM) in ensuring the effective, safe and timely implementation of PUI project to strengthen the service provision of quality primary health care, MHPSS and community awareness in Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) managed by PUI.

Specific goals and related activities

  • Support the efficient and effective implementation of the project by supervising the implementation of the activities inside the camps focused on primary health care, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) and community awareness through PHCCs support and community sensitization.
  • Assist the HPM in the field assessments /development of new interventions.
  • Support HPM with monitoring of project according to the project workplan, context evolution
  • Ensure PUI, international and national standards and guidelines/ tools are implemented and followed up by the team members. Inform the Health Project Manager of any disrespect of the rules.
  • Facilitate trainings to the medical team members
  • Ensure the proper functioning of PHCCs falling under his/her responsibility, and ensures compliance with goals defined in the project proposal.
  • Ensure proper data collection on all medical and non-medical activities, in collaboration with the PHCC manager and with the support of the MEAL team
  • Support the Health Program Manager in the follow-up of project indicators and reporting to PUI (PMT) and donors (narrative and financial reporting), DoH or any such stakeholders as may be required
  • Support HPM on archiving of documents, tools and training materials produced in the context of the project and ensures the availability of the verification sources mentioned in the proposal, for the PHCCs under his/her supervision
  • In coordination with PHCC managers, he/she reports to the HPM on medical supplies consumption and undertakes needs assessments of his/her project in relation to medical equipment, medical consumables and pharmaceuticals
  • Support good communication between PHCCs project teams and the beneficiary communities by ensuring that beneficiaries and local populations understand the project objectives and participate actively in their implementation.


  • Familiarie himself/herself with the Internal Rules and Procedure of PUI for the mission, and ensures that they are known and respected by the team.
  • Ensure compliance with the Internal Rules of Procedure of PUI on the sites and coordinate with HPM in case of non-respect.
  • Manage the recruitment of new staff in collaboration with the HPM
  • Support integration of new project-level staff, ensuring the project context, relevant tools and PUI policies are well understood, as requested by HPM
  • Supervise the project teams under his/her responsability on daily basis
  • Ensure technical supervision with the support of the HPM of the medical staff, and provides feedback/advice/guidance to improve the practices.
  • Ensure the implementation of good team management practices.
  • Guide the work of the PHCC managers, tracks the realization of their objectives, and support the HPM for their
  • Identify needs and completes training programs for his/her team members (capacity building, action plan, organizational support, methodology and technical support as the case may be organization of training sessions…).
  • Supervise PHCC managers monthly planning, schedules, and annual leave and attendance sheets in accordance with HR procedures.


  • Ensure proper needs collection from the project, addressing both medical (pharmaceuticals, consumables and equipment) and non-medical requirements, in line with available budget
  • Ensure that PHCCs are properly supplied with materials and drugs
  • Ensure, in coordination with PHCC managers, to request on time the medical needs of the project to the Central Pharmacy members and works closely with them for the drugs management and medical items
  • Assist the Health Program Manager in preparing Purchase Requests and follows up the procurement process in coordination with logistics department
  • Communicate to logistics for fleet needs, logistical components of the projects (delivery, distribution, on site storage) on a weekly basis.
  • Ensure with the PHCC managers, in coordination with the logistics and pharmacy departments, appropriate storage of medications, medical consumables, equipment and medical waste.
  • Support the HPM in managing project budget and financial follow up. Make sure budget lines are spent properly.
  • Ensure that HR documents (attendance sheet, leave request, etc) are communicated to the Administrative Manager on time, with validation of HPM


  • Support the HPM in the development of new interventions and/or adjustment of current interventions.
    • Ensure security context follow-up in program areas and that the teams are trained and respecting the security rules with the support of the HPM
    • Report to the HPM any problem in the projects, especially any gap/loss/robbery/damage of medical equipment or drugs or any patient and organizational issue.
      • In coordination with and on request from the HPM, he/she conducts health assessments, training need assessment to ensure quality delivery of services.
      • Attend external meetings with partners (DoH, clusters…), on request from HPM
      • Participate in PUI meetings, strategy workshops, trainings and other, as required by the HPMBe aware of the security rules and social and political situation in the field at any time and provide feedback to the HPM
    • Translate documents and/or interprets conversation when necessary

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