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Digital Marketing

Job Overview

Responsible for planning and executing digital marketing strategies to increase online visibility.


* Digital Strategy:

1. Strategy Development: Develop and implement digital marketing strategies that align with organizational goals and target audience needs.

2. Audience Research: Conduct research to understand audience demographics, requirements, and preferences.

* Content Marketing:

1. Content Creation: Generated high-quality and engaging digital content, including blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics.

2. Content Distribution: Distribute content across various digital channels, including websites, blogs, email, and social media.

* Email Marketing:

1. Email Campaigns: Plan and execute email marketing campaigns, including content creation, list management, and performance analysis.

* Website Management:

1. Website Optimization: Collaborate with web developers to optimize website performance, speed, and user experience.

2. Analytics: Use web analytics tools to track website performance and user requirements, making data-driven improvements.

* Social Media Management:

1. Social Media Posts: Created and schedule social media posts, engage with followers, and manage social media calendars.

2. Community Building: Build and nurture online communities through social media engagement and customer interaction.

3. Social Media Advertising: Develop and execute paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms to boost brand visibility and engagement.

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