E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Job Expired

Job Overview

Job description

Key responsibilities:

  • Submit the daily, weekly, and monthly promotion plan and budget as required to achieve the targets
  • Supervise the creation of artwork for both online and offline activities
  • Co-ordinate with external marketing agencies and service providers if required to execute campaigns
  • Ensure brand guidelines are implemented for company branding, including uniforms, vehicle branding, packaging, and others
  • Plan and execute all digital marketing activities, including but not limited to; search engine optimisation; search engine marketing; and social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms
  • Plan and execute all offline marketing activities, including but not limited to; television commercials; radio commercials; outdoor signage; SMS campaigns
  • Plan and execute ongoing sales promotions on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, using Elryan.com’s proprietary tools to target customers with personalised advertising based on their shopper profile, with a view to maximise revenue and minimise customer acquisition and retention costs
  • Utilise customer database to do direct marketing via social media, SMS, email, and telephone
  • Oversee and manage all contests, giveaways, and other projects
  • Oversee brand awareness and recognition, building the company’s profile and followers on social media by creating engaging content and investing marketing budget effectively
  • Engage customers both online and offline to collect feedback on the user experience to help improve the company’s products and services
  • Prepare data analysis and customer insights on weekly basis, sharing metrics and analysis on website traffic, pageviews per session, average order value, conversion rates, cart abandonment rates, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, repeat purchase rate, revenue by region and demographic, and any other metrics deemed useful.
  • Prepare post-campaign reports showing the campaign’s effectiveness
  • Give feedback to the procurement team on customer trends and preferences to allow improvements in the product selection

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  • This job has expired!