Wataniya Group

Electrical Technician

Job Overview

Position Purpose:

VDU-Project electrical warehouse specialist has to coordinate, plan, Execution, and control the electrical material, records control, etc related to ( all Electrical Equipment, Process Units, substation, powerhouse, tools, etc.). It contains close communication with project teams in a positive and targeted manner to ensure project progress and schedules are meeting the targets. This includes close interaction with project teams in a positive and focused manner to realize productive results. it has to Make sure the VDU project Material specifications, design codes, design calculations, analyses, and standards are meeting the Material specifications. Ensure VDU-Project deadlines, and budgets and create plans for short and long-term project activities. During VDU-Project construction and commissioning activities, strong inter-departmental communication is necessary to contribute high-quality of expertise to ensure smooth commissioning and handover activities. Address all the punch items raised throughout the project and completed by the contractor. Reviewed project milestones under general supervision and updated and get advice from Management.

Position Accountabilities:

  • Receive electrical shipments
  • Embark electrical shipments in delivery trucks using appropriate tools
  • Accommodate and carefully handle fragile merchandise
  • Track and document exact shipment arrival and departure times
  • Tag and label electrical shipments
  • Label and stockpile electrical shipments according to size, shape, and type.
  • Box, wrap, and pack the electrical shipments in accordance with relevant procedures and
  • Prepare all orders for shipment
  • Record and manage all impaired or damaged electrical shipments items
  • Operate adequate electrical management tools (for example, drill or cutter)
  • inventory and logistics software programs.


  • Diploma of Associate Engineer
  • Expert and experience in a warehouse job.
  • Problem solver. Ensure that Health and safety are implemented consistently by the VDU
    Project for employees and contractors to achieve an Accident-free VDU Project
  • Good organizational and time-management skills
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills





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