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Current Affairs Editor

Job Overview

As the Current Affairs Editor, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our English content. This position requires a dynamic journalist who thrives in a fast-paced environment, possesses a deep understanding of Iraq, and demonstrates a strong editorial vision. Your work will involve steering our Arabic reporting team towards compelling storytelling, ensuring factual accuracy, and fostering innovative news coverage.

Key Responsibilities:

• Lead the editorial process for adapting Arabic reporting, from initial briefs and proposals to publication, ensuring all material meets our standards for journalistic integrity and excellence.

• Work closely with Arabic desk reporters to develop story ideas, suggest unique angles, and identify valuable sources.

• Enhancing the depth and impact of our reporting by helping the drafting and implementation of new reporting guidelines.

• Maintain strict editorial standards for quality of reportage and sourcing.

• Provide constructive feedback on first drafts, guiding reporters through revisions with a focus on narrative clarity, factual accuracy, and compelling storytelling.

• Conduct thorough fact-checking and verification of Arabic reporting to uphold the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

• Collaborate with the Head of the English Desk and the Kurdistan Region Editor to ensure cohesive, comprehensive coverage of Iraqi affairs.

• Mentor and develop Arabic reporting staff, encouraging continuous improvement and professional growth.

• Stay abreast of current events and trends in Iraqi affairs and journalism in general, leveraging this knowledge to inform editorial decisions and coverage priorities.


• Proven experience in journalism or related field, with a strong portfolio of work in Arabic news reporting or editing.

• Fluent in Arabic and English. Ability to draft good quality English language copy is highly desirable.

• Deep understanding of the cultural, political, and social contexts of Iraq.

• Excellent knowledge of the journalism industry both locally and worldwide.

• Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a team of journalists in a high- stakes news environment.

• Intimate knowledge of journalistic conventions, structure and style.

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