Equipment Operator – dnata Erbil – 23000202

Job Overview

Job Purpose
Job Purpose
To transport Baggage/Cargo to and from various areas as directed by the Turnaround coordinator, ensuring this is done in line with safety and security regulations. Operate any equipment where the appropriate qualifications and licenses are held. Simultaneously is expected to physically load/unload cargo/baggage from ULD’s and trollies as and when required.
Only operates equipment trained and licensed to operate and in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures and airline requirements.
Performs walkaround checks before using each equipment trained and licensed to operate before each use.
Performs Daily Inspections in accordance with equipment allocated on a monthly basis.
Supports the movement of equipment to and from GSE whenever required in order to support maintenance and repair requirements including TSU dumping.
Support flights as allocated to ensure all flights are supported and in line with customer expectations including airside bussing.
Supports TACs on flights by ensuring all members of the team works safely at all times including when the TAC is not present on the Ramp.
Reports any faults with equipment to the TAC if on a flight, OC or John Chombo to ensure matters are addressed as quickly as possible and any safety concerns addressed.
Reports any accident or incident so it is logged accordingly and any points of learning shared with the team to support continuous improvement.
Always looks out for the welfare of the team by escalating any matters that can contribute to improve the work environment.
Leads by example on flights as one of the senior members of the team by sharing knowledge when applicable to help develop other team members.
Maintains recurrency requirements for licensing on all equipment signed-off to operate.

Qualifications & Experience
Knowledge & Skills
Relevant licences as per dnata Erbil training and license matrix

Proficient knowledge in Airport Operations