Event Organizer

Job Overview


This position is responsible to design and plan all internal and external events activities in align with Earthlink company objectives according to the approved budget. This position is responsible to design publications layouts and set quality of publications

  • Study and analyze events at all stages
  • Create or modify in plans to make it accurate and to be implemented at less cost.
  • Complete any job assigned by the team leader and finish it in time.
  • Communicate with clients and beneficiaries to design events and conference themes.
  • Ensure all events logistics are available in coordination with Procurement and administration department
  • Developing and/or reviewing events implementation plans.
  • Generate proposals and events, campaigns projects planning
  • Collect from stakeholders all necessary information and prepare Progress Reports.
  • Create Reports and Presentations using MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and any related program.
  • Ensure plans meet the client’s expectation
  • Making estimations for timescales and costs
  • Prepare and resolve events constraints avoiding any impact on scope of events.
  • Generate applicable mechanisms for events for different scenarios.
  • Ensure outputs and results are achieving and satisfying clients objectives.
  • Prepare reports as requested from Management.
  • Ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health and safety obligations
  • Cooperate with marketing and PR to promote and publicize event.


BA in Business Administration, public administration, advertisement or any related field.

Minimum 3 Years in event management, marketing communication or related field.