Job Overview



English fluent, Arabic fluent, Microsoft package user, Library (Sharecat) and CMMS (Maximo) software will be instructed on arrival, not required but could be a plus if candidate has knowledge,

Good organization and communication skills are mandatory.

Task to be conducted to fill the position successfully:

  • Arranging PO Kickoff meeting with stakeholders with EPMS (Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing Schedule).
  • Coordinating with DCC (Document Control Center) for Sharecat folder creation
  • Expediting post order documents deliverables with inline with agreed SDRL, mainly key documents like GAD, ITP and DAS and approval of the same to kick start manufacturing.
  • Arranging PIM(Pre Inspection Meeting) with supplier and stakeholders prior to commence production.
  • Expedite the flow of engineering data from supplier to us and vice-versa
  • Expedite suppliers for regular submittal of updated progress reports in Sharecat.
  • Postorder expediting, Interfacing with Engineering and QA/QC and other stakeholders if any.
  • Ensuring that the supplier defines a supply preparation plan that has to cover all phases of the preparation cycle engineering, procurement, construction, inspection and preparation for shipment in accordance with Contractual delivery date not Expediter task,
  • Preparing & updating weekly reports.(identify Critical, Urgent and TAR ORs and highlight them to Freight Forwarder and other stakeholders)
  • Functioning as an interface with Supplier and Engineering for approval of documents/drawings/procedures etc.
  • Furnishing reliable and up-to-date information on supply progress.
  • Timely advice of potential problems and/or delays/or any criticality.
  • Followup stage inspection inline with approved ITP(Inspection Test Plan)
  • Coordinating NOI(Notification of Inspection) between supplier and QA/QC two weeks in advance.
  • Make sure all NCRs and concerns closed prior to final inspection.
  • Followup and close Technical Deviations with technical authority of ROO CET(Central Engineering Group).
  • Followup with supplier to submit MTC
  • Followup with supplier to submit MRB as per approved Index.
  • Followup with quality to issue IRC(Inspection Release Certificate) to ship the material.
  • Coordinate with Freight Forwarded and supplier regarding collection.
  • Make sure no shipping documents issue between suppliers and Freight Forwarder.
  • Expedite with supplier to get Notification of Milestone and milestone payments if any.
  • Coordinating Advance Bank Guarantee and Performance Bank Guarantee before procession payment to account and expedite with supplier it get expires.
  • Make sure MCC (Milestone Completion Certificate) to process supplier milestone/final payment.
  • Expedite supplier if any queries from RSB, requestor and Freight Forwarder.
  • Expedite with accounts function if any quires and discrepancy in documents and takeup with supplier/other function before release of payment as per PO closeout document.
  • Coordinate and close OSD (Overage Shortage Discrepancies).
  • Make sure none pending(three way match, OR vs delivery vs payment) and confirm PSCM group for proper closeout of each OR).
  • Last but not the least, report deliveries status to end user to allow jobs schedule activity