Fiber Technician B

Job Overview


This position is assigned for Technicians capable of handling medium scale complexity tasks and require assistance from team leader, expert technician or Technician A in fault diagnosis, troubleshooting, fixes, or installations

In order to progress to Technician A, the employee shall assist another higher-level Technician by getting practical experience in large scale and complex tasks. Also, the employee shall have proven records of quality work with no mistakes, ability to work independently, acquiring certifications, improving education level, leadership competencies in terms of decision making, commitment to goals, continuous improvement, initiative taking shall be apparent in a consistent manner with proven records of achieving outstanding results.

Job Duties:

  • Handle install and maintenance of fiber network service facilities between the customer-serving terminal and into the customer’s premise, as well as installation activity at the fiber hub.
  • Install, remove, rearrange, program, test, troubleshoot and maintain fiber network services.
  • Interpret schematic work order drawings to determine job specifications and installation needs.
  • Utilize various test equipment to analyze equipment trouble and take appropriate maintenance action.
  • Raising the stairs and set it on the columns.
  • Installation the fiber optic cable.
  • Drilling the Underground and casting after completed the work.
  • Support other Department for any needed extra job.
  • Drilling the Underground trenches and casting after completed the work.
  • Prepare the Equipment To Solve FOC Cut Off OR To Installing FOC And Taking It To The Car.


  • Diploma in related field with Technical Certification.
  • A minimum 2 Years’ experience in telecommunication/or network operations industry specializing in Fiber, and 1 Year in Fiber optical Maintenance.