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Field Coordinator-Mosul

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Job Overview


MdM has been working in Iraq since the 1990s. During its first mission in the country, MdM was providing general and specialized medical services (surgery, training programs for traditional birth attendants). Since then MdM had several programs which included paediatric surgery, contributing to the renewal of techniques and knowledge of surgical, medical and paramedical staff in 1997, emergency medical activities in 2002, building local capacity on basic emergency healthcare services at community level in 2006. From 2009 to 2011, MdM supported an Iraqi NGO in the implementation of a program aimed at improving the skills of midwives and traditional birth attendants in accordance with recognized international standards.

In 2014, with the arrival of ISIL, MdM started to provide immediate healthcare support through curative and preventive care including MHPSS services to IDPs and host communities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I). Later, MdM expanded its support to the most vulnerable IDPs and host communities outside of the KR-I region, in Kirkuk Governorate in July 2015, and in Ninewa Governorate in April 2016. Since 2018, MdM has developed a program where activities are gradually handed over to the MoH.

The current program focuses on supporting the local health authorities in providing quality PHC services (including MHPSS and GBV response) and continue to strengthen the capacities of local public health authorities in Dohuk, Kirkuk and Ninewa governorates, to provide quality care and respond to  health needs of IDPs, returnees and vulnerable host communities.

This includes:

  • A combination of direct and complementary services, especially related to general health, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), while contributing to the health system strengthening through capacity building at DOH level
  • Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS),
  • Gender based violence (GBV) integrated within the PHCC general health services, SRH and MHPSS services
  • As a cross cutting approach MdM is planning to develop a community health based (CHB) approach to ensure community participation, while empowering individuals.

Main responsibilities 

The Field Coordinator is responsible and oversees the implementation of the projects in the field according to the agreed donor contracts in close collaboration with the coordination team; management of the field office; security management in the field; continuous collecting information on the humanitarian and security situation, liaising and coordinating with national and international partners in the field.

S/he coordinates the work with the coordination team in Erbil.

Working relations 

The Field Coordinator reports directly to the General Coordinator. S/he manages directly:

  • 1 Program Manager
  • 1 Admin/HR Officer
  • 1 Logistics& Security officer

The Field Coordinator is a member of the country management team in Erbil and works closely with the Coordination team in Erbil and field coordinators in other bases.

Essential duties

  1. Base Management
  • Ensure adequate information flow within the different departments as well as between the base and coordination team
  • Oversee and coordinate the general functioning of the base and all departments/services;
  • Create/maintain a “team spirit” within the different departments and amongst the staff;
  • Ensure good collaboration, mutualization, coordination and analysis with other projects if needed;
  • Organize regular weekly team meeting, particularly for the actions and budget plan;
  • Provide good working conditions for all team members;
  • Support team members under direct supervision in their duties;
  • Ensure regular collaboration between technical departments (Medical, MHPSS,GBV, etc);
  • Ensure management also during remote management.
  1. Safety and Security Management
  • Ensure that field security plan & rules are communicated to the base staff, and all visitors to the base and ensure their adherence;
  • Contribute to the update of the security package and annexes with support of the Logistic and security officer:
  • Ensure data collection relevant to the safety and security of the field operations, provides analyses, and shares all needed information with security and Access Manager in Erbil and general coordinator regularly or on an ad-hoc basis if urgent:
  • Alert Security and Access Manager in Erbil and General coordinator without delay in case of impending danger of teams or beneficiaries:
  • Verify that the material and human resources are available to ensure the optimal safety of teams, materials and beneficiaries:
  • Ensure timely and accurate security incident reports are send to the General Coordinator.
  1. Program management
  • Ensure the implementation of the program in the field and its follow-up in its different aspects: monitoring of activities, logistic, administrative and financial;
  • Continuously assess the needs & adjust the programmes to the needs in collaboration with Erbil Coordinators and according to MdM strategy;
  • Participate in development of activities plans, concept notes, proposals and budgets for new projects/extensions in conjunction with the relevant team, program and support staff;
  • Contribute and give inputs for the development and execution of MdM strategy in Iraq;
  • Coordinate project evaluation on the base
  1. Logistics/Finance/Administration
  • Ensure familiarity with donor compliance issues, ensuring all projects are compliant with these and MdM procedures;
  • Ensure appropriate administrative, financial and logistical MdM system/procedures are in place, maintained and adhered to so that all support functions are carried out effectively and efficiently;
  • Ensure regular communications are maintained between the different departments and act as a mediator when necessary;
  • Ensure update and implementation of procurement plans in collaboration with the logistics teams
  • Responsible for accurate budget control and overall responsibility for financial management at the project site in line with project proposals, make sure the BFF is updated and correct in a monthly basis
  • Monitor expenditure and budget compliance on a regular basis, report any concerns to the Admin Coordinator and develop plans to mitigate any under or over expenditure at project level.
  • Accountable of the Accuracy of the Accountancy and control that there is no discrepancies at the end of each month in the cashbox or in the Bank Accounts of the base
  • Accountable of the eligibility of the payments done in the base : correct invoices and payment pack complete
  • Accountable in his base that there is enough treasury every month to implement the activities and pay the staffs and the supplier
  1. Human Resource Management
  • Accountable for the well-being of all team members; initiate regular team building activities if needed
  • When relevant, contribute to recruitment and selection of staff;
  • Responsible for disciplinary and grievance procedures, with the support of the HR team
  • Maintain good inter-team communications, promote good team dynamics and take suitable action when problems occur;
  • Support team members professionally and monitor and support stress management, including regular documented team meetings for planning and reporting purposes;
  • Monitoring appraisals as per MdM standard requirements and procedures;
  • Ensure all new team members are adequately briefed on arrival in the field, and departing team members are debriefed and provide handover reports when applicable;
  • Ensure that all team members receive technical supports form technical coordinators where needed;
  • Ensure capacity building and training of national personnel.
  1. Representation
  • Represent MdM to NGOs, UN agencies, local and national government bodies, donors and other relevant parties in the field and share information with the coordination team;
  • Attends to relevant meetings when they take place and participates actively;
  • Ensure base staff active participation to sub cluster meeting with UN agencies, local and national government bodies, and humanitarian coordination forums on a regular basis, and share information with respective Technical Coordinators/Advisors
  • Build a strong relationship with all partners working in the area and develop activities in partnership with national NGOs, other local partners and relevant parties when possible
  • In the event of visits from donors, he/she participates in the organization and implementation of the visits
  1. Reporting
  • Lead development of weekly, monthly and any other type of activity report with the base team;
  • Sends the minutes of weekly base meetings to the coordination team;
  • Contribute to monthly SITREP with the coordination team;
  • Contribute to project proposals & reports to donors;
  • Report monthly to partners and authorities on activities;
  • Participate to coordination meetings in Erbil

This list of activities is not exhaustive and may change depending on the situation.

Skills required:


  • Project Cycle Management
  • Bachelor’s in international relations, Political sciences, international development, social sciences or any other relevant field
  • Training in Public health is an asset


Professional experience

  • At least 3 to 5 years of relevant professional experience in project management in humanitarian work or a related field
  • Solid experience of project planning and budget holding; proposal and report writing.
  • Experience in security management
  • Experience in financial and logistics management


Skills and qualities required

  • Knowledge and understanding of project management tools (Logical Framework analysis, project cycle management, objectives and indicators etc.)
  • Experience in management of multi projects budgets
  • Experience in the control purchase process
  • Supportive management style (experience managing staff)
  • Confident and proficient in the use of MS Office



Required personal skills

  • Independence, ability to take the initiative and of responsibility
  • Ability to work under stressful situation
  • Good analysis, objective, able to take a step back and analyse
  • Communication – listens and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience
  • Capacity to delegate and to supervise and coach the work
  • Anticipation and adaptability,
  • Strong problem solving and organisational skills in day to day and crisis situations
  • Ability to plan, organise and meet deadlines
  • Ability to classify and to manage priorities
  • Adaptability to changing priorities
  • Listening and diplomacy skills
  • Good people and communication skills
  • Ability to manage remotely when needed
  • Team spirit
  • Trustworthiness and rigor


  • English: Fluent
  • Arabic: Fluent
  • Kurdish: an asset
  • French: an asset


More Information

  • This job has expired!