Field Senior Contracts Engineer

Job Overview


Field Senior Contracts Engineer

KBR is looking for Field Senior Contracts Engineer to be based in Iraq for 28/28 Rotation

Roles and Responsibilities:

Protects CONTRACTOR Company and thereby COMPANY from contractual risk by working in a process of continuous improvement to encourage/promote the introduction and implementation of best practice contracting methodology and practices.

Accountabilities include, but not be limited to:

  • Demonstrate an overriding commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility
  • Develop contract strategies.
  • Issuance of ATT (Approval to Tender) and ATA (Approval to Award).
  • Working with engineering group to develop contract contractor prequalification questionnaires and analyse the subsequent returns.
  • The compilation of tender lists and obtains in house and COMPANY approval of the same.
  • Compile tender documentation, ensuring (with the support of the requisitioning Manager) that the package is complete and viable.
  • Issue tender documentation.
  • Strategize/oversee tender clarification meetings.
  • Be focal point for the dissemination of information to/from tenderers.
  • Issue tender bulletins.
  • Facilitate and record bid opening.
  • Ensure that technical evaluation is carried out in a timely and meaningful manner.
  • Analyse commercial tender submissions and ensure the appropriate distribution to other disciplines and shortlist the most advantageous offers.
  • Facilitate tender clarification documentation,
  • Attend meetings ensure records are maintained.
  • Develop negotiation strategy
  • Develop Contract document ensuring all relevant items from bulletins, meetings, correspondence and negotiation.
  • Prepare and manage the issuance of letters of intent as appropriate.
  • Prepare and manage the issuance of contracts.
  • Prepare and administer Kick Off Meetings.
  • Maintain savings register.
  • Preparation of correspondence between Company and contractors.
  • Issuance of call-off orders.
  • Analysis and negotiation of claims.
  • Maintain claims register.
  • Contract Close out.
  • Guardian of “Chinese walls” between technical and commercial evaluations

Key Relationships:

  • Work Group Team
  • Vendors / Suppliers
  • External Stakeholders includes Client and Subcontractors

Education, Skills & Experience:


  • BSc., University degree in any of the main Legal, Business, or Engineering branches., i.e. Mechanical, Civil, electrical, chemical, or equivalent

Experience and Skill set

  • Preferably having worked in a similar role for a considerable number of 5 years (2 years for contract engineer) in a brownfield project,

Total of 10 years (5 years for contract engineer) in Contracting and Procurement within oil & gas / petrochemical environment.

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