Toyota Iraq

Finance Assistant Manager

Job Overview

Responsibilities of the Job

1) Approving all bank payments/receipts vouchers [ Pre & Post approvals] along with necessary documents.

2)Review of the remittance/transfer applications and to optain approval from General Manager.

3) Send the approved remittance applications to Bank after taking authorized signatures.

4) Monitor and reveiw on timely manner all the swift copies receive from respective banks and optain confirmation from suppliers routed through from business unit.

5) On daily basis once inword funds reach to company account then correct confirmation provide to Business unit.

6) Daily outstanding report to management supplier due payments, due collection from the dealers and LC’s status .

7) LC all documents reveiw and Co-ordinate with BU and Banks.

8) To reveiw always suppliers bank details in line with system master file updation.

9) Optain bank details confirmation from the suppliers routed through from Business unit.

10) check on regular basis banks holidays and closely communicate to business units.

11) Review the all the finance month closing schedules and optain approvals from General Managers.

12) Participate IUAS, IFRS, internal control and J-SOX audits during the year especially finance related portion.

Job Specifications

  • Good communication skills and make to understand from others.
  • Analytical skills needs to obtain.
  • Consistency and improve always better than previous.
  • Time management and priority level must be strong.
  • Computer knowledge along with excel, word and to know the system integrated software.
  • More than 10 years of experience.
  • Languages required: Kurdish: Manageable, Arabic: Manageable, English: very strong
  • Education required: Minimum B.Sc. Degree with accounting, if possible master degree as well
  • Nationality: any
  • Age Range: More than 30 years
  • Gender preferred: Male
  • Skills (Technical & Soft):

    –       Hard Working with passion [understand the situation and follow]

    –       Good observation and provide excellent ideas as long term way

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