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Job Overview

General mission:


The HR Finance Officer rolls out HR action plans defining the Programme’s STRATOP in his/her geographical area. S/he is delegated some of the HR responsibilities at his/ her geographical area level.

In his/her geographical area, s/he ensures that HR management complies with his/her budgetary

Framework and HI’s HR policies and frameworks.

The HR Finance  Officer  produces  quality  financial  information  and  contributes  to  the  application  and

dissemination of the budget framework, local and donor rules and HI’s tools, procedures and standards in the financial field.



Mission/ Responsibilities:



Mission 1 : Strategy and steering

  • Implements and monitors the actions plans for HI’s financial strategy within his or her area of
  • Updates financial information and monitors financial indicators within his or her area of
  • Monitors and reports to his or her line manager and functional manager on the financial risks of which he or she is aware and contributes towards their
  • Helps to identify financial and legal risks for HI within his or her area of



Mission 2 : Standards and expertise

  • Deploys all of HI’s financial policies, processes and tools within his or her area of
  • Ensures that HI’s legal obligations are met and produces the required financial
  • Reports any changes in standards, case law or in the practices of other stakeholders in the financial field of which he/she is
  • Complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Implements and complies with procedure for archiving financial documents and publishes and updates financial documents in the dedicated
  • Contributes to internal control within his or her area of responsibility and applies identified corrective


Mission 3 : Operational implementation


Responsibility 1 : Contributes to financial and budget management

  • Participates in the construction and adjustment of budgets with the budget
  • Provides budget holders with regular budget monitoring reports and assists them in the use of
  • Produces and updates resource allocation tables (human, logistical, ) and communicates them to the departments concerned.
  • Integrates budget adjustments into the budget monitoring tools and enters cost-accounting modifications into the Financial Information System (FIS).
  • Contributes towards optimising the use of HI’s own
  • Adheres to the deadlines in HI’s financial
  • Consolidate cash flow needs within his or her area of
  • Prepares responses to questions from internal and statutory


Responsibility 2 : Contributes to the financial management of institutional funding in compliance with “donor”


Guidelines and contractual obligations

  • Assists with the drafting of funding proposals for institutional donors; compiles multi-programme proposals when the programme is
  • Optimizes funding schedules (coverage of office and support costs) in the drafting or revision of institutional funding
  • Ensures that donor obligations are realistic and compatible with HI procedures (payment dates and methods and financial reports, methods for justifying expenditure, exchange rates, audits, etc.)
  • Informs budget holders of institutional donors’ financial rules and verifies their
  • Verifies funding expenditure monitoring and provides budget holders with donor budget monitoring He or she monitors consumption rates, issues alerts in the event of a risk of non-compliance with flexibility rules and anticipates slippage by preparing contractual amendments with his or her interlocutors.
  • Produces financial reports for institutional donors in conformity with donor
  • Prepares payment requests for donors and informs his or her line-manager in the event of a (possible) delay in
  • Enters information concerning donor contracts into the FIS: donor budgets, cost-accounting and budget modifications, schedules, reports,
  • Prepares responses to questions from internal and donor
  • Archives the budgets and financial reports shared with institutional donors (with an internal and external version) in the dedicated storage


Responsibility 3 : Contributes to the quality of partners’ financial information

  • Produces an analysis of partners’ capacities in the financial field (e.g. budget monitoring tools) and, based on this analysis, builds a capacity-building plan for these
  • Checks the supporting documents provided by partners and the accuracy and conformity of their accounts before validating payment
  • If needed, assists partner(s) in their budget development and
  • Support the Project Manager in the regular monitoring of the partner(s) budget follow-up and in the actions to be taken in case of
  • Enters any cost-accounting changes & budget modifications related to partnerships into the Financial Information System (FIS).
  • Helps partners to organize themselves to meet the deadlines in the financial


Mission 4 : Profession facilitation

  • Contributes towards the facilitation of the profession’s development in his or her area of


Mission 5 : Emergency preparedness and response

  • Contributes to the program’s emergency preparedness actions and, during an emergency, adapts his/her work modality to contribute to HI’s effective humanitarian




Note that this Term of Reference must remain flexible, to respond to additional tasks or changes as identified by the line manager.


Human Resources:


Mission 1: Strategy and Supervision: develops the Programme’s HR strategy in the country in which s/he works

  • Compiles HR data for his/her geographical area which are useful for writing the HR part of the Programme’s STRATOP
  • Implements and monitors the HR action plan for his/her geographical
  • Compiles standard HR indicators for his/her geographical area and helps to map and mitigate HR risks, and to report and deal with


Mission 2: Rolls out Standards, contributes to HI’s Accountability in his/her scope of responsibility:

  • Is responsible for implementing HI’s policies and frameworks in his/her Helps to adapt HR frameworks in accordance with the specific local context.
  • Ensures compliance with HI’s legal HR obligations in his/her geographical area and monitors the need to renew legal documents where necessary (with the decentralised provincial authorities).
  • Is in charge of the audit and archiving

Helps to ensure the




Mission 3: Operational implementation of HR

  • : Contributes to the dimensioning and quality of Programme resources:
    • Contributes to the budgetary process in his/her geographical area and monitors the staff wage bill
    • Contributes to project reviews of HR aspects
    • Contributes to the sourcing process in his/her geographical area
    • Ensures compliance with the quality of the recruitment process and assists managers at every
    • Participates in the Programme’s HR reporting schedule and helps to meet HI’s global HR
    • Takes part in local inter-NGO meetings on HR
    • Ensures that the HR cycle is implemented in his/her geographical
    • Helps to identify training needs, and to draft and monitor the training plan in his/her geographical area

3.2 : Ensures the quality of personnel administration for HI staff present in his/her geographical area.

  • Organises staff briefings on administrative matters and employment Is responsible for the implementation and compliance of the payroll process
  • Is responsible for the administrative monitoring of International Staff in his/her geographical area (leave, R&R, per diems, visas )
  • Is responsible for implementing HI’s social security policy fairly and in compliance with local legislation
  • Is responsible for the archiving process, its quality and compliance
  • Represents HI with local administrative authorities (employment inspectorate, etc.).

3.3 : Assists managers in his/her geographical area with the implementation of HI’s HR policies:

  • Ensures or participates in the communication of HI policies and frameworks to managers: explains, clarifies, answers questions
  • Is responsible for monitoring the correct application of HR frameworks and policies by managers
  • : Legal and social aspects: helps to maintain the social environment and compliance with the legal HR framework in his/her geographical area.



  • Is responsible for organising the social dialogue in conjunction with staff representative bodies
  • Contributes to the management of ongoing disputes with third parties or employees in his/her geographical area, in conjunction with his/her HR (line)
  • Contributes to the identification of legal and fiscal risks for HI in his/her geographical


Mission 4: Emergency preparedness and response

Contributes to the programme’s emergency preparedness actions and, during an emergency response, adapts his/her working practices to help facilitate an effective humanitarian response by HI



Note that this job description must remain flexible, to respond to additional tasks or changes as identified by the line manager.



  • University degree in Business Administration or other relevant field.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the local labour legislation.
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills with a proven ability to work with a wide range of managers and staff members.
  • Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • A minimum of 2 years’ relevant experience
  • Experience in working with international NGOs
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Arabic.





Base: Baghdad with flexibility to visit other bases upon need


Line Manager: Country Finance Manager + Country HR Manager


Operational link: Direct operational and technical link with Erbil Finance department, HR Department and base departments/ Log/ Program Departments.






‘’The Employee undertakes to adhere to HI policies which include:


  • Terms and conditions of engagement (T&C)
  • Internal regulation (IR)
  • Child protection policy (CPP)
  • Protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH)
  • Antifraud and bribery
  • Code of Conduct (CoC)

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