Toyota Iraq

Finance Specialist – Erbil

Job Overview

Position: Finance Specialist

Reporting To: Finance Manager

Duty Station: Erbil branch office

Responsibilities of the Job:

  • Monitoring IQD movement on daily basis.
  • Reporting IQD cash flows on daily basis.
  • Preparing IQD transfer applications based on the bank balances.
  • Filling IQD remittance supporting documents.
  • Submission of original documents to bank on daily basis.
  • Continuous follow up and arrangement of swift copies from bank.
  • Follow up with dealers regarding IQD deposits and tracking on receivables.
  • Follow up with PR’s from the departments where IQD payables are possibles.
  • Support Petty Cash payments.
  • Gathering market data from banks, currency exchangers, and local markets to gain insight into the actual on-ground situation.
  • Recognize instances of fluctuating bank charges, while simultaneously engaging in negotiations with banks to lower the costs associated with remittance.
  • Ascertain the distinct domestic transfer fees for IQD and USD transactions on a regular schedule.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting.
  • At least 2 years in a similar role.
  • Fluency in English, Arabic, and Kurdish.
  • Proficiency on Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Excel, Word, ..etc.)
  • Iraqi nationality.

Soft skills:

  • Strong Organization Skills.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Cash handling skills.
  • Ability to be maintain productivity when under pressure.
  • Strong understanding of confidentiality, discretion, and sensitive information.
  • Strong multitasking skills.
  • Problem solving skills.

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